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Said Shiripour’s career © PAOOSIASPHOTOGRAPHY / ezfunnels

Said Shiripour’s online career began in 2013. This year there has been a real boom when it comes to earning money online. He started out in affiliate marketing before broadening his digital marketing knowledge to offer his information products.

Berlin (ots) –

Said Shiripour’s online career began in 2013. This year there has been a real boom when it comes to earning money online. He started out in affiliate marketing before broadening his digital marketing knowledge to offer his information products.

In addition to this significant know-how, Shiripour also has expertise in brand management and activation, funnel optimization, channel marketing and webinars. So far, he has introduced over 50 information products to the market. They generated additional revenue for customers of EUR 58 million and over 100,000 leads for several medium-sized companies and corporations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

As a co-founder of two other marketing technology companies, Said Shiripour has already helped several companies with lead generation and funnel building. His goal has always been to help small business owners and entrepreneurs. Since he is a self-made entrepreneur, he knows the difficulties and obstacles that many people have to contend with. Of all the software products released by Shiripour, the most famous project is EZFunnels.

What are EZFunnels?

A powerful SAAS solution, EZFunnels simplifies digital solutions for Internet businesses. The target group is consultants, entrepreneurs, partners and everyone who wants to start their own online business. EZFunnels allows its users to create pages, websites, landing pages, automatic webinars and many other things. On the official YouTube channel, he shows how to use EZFunnels to generate more leads and customers.

Who developed EZFunnels?

EZFunnels was developed by Said Shiripour with his team of 20 software engineers and product owners. He is not only a founding father, but also acting as Marketing Director and CEO.

EZFunnels was created to help business owners and entrepreneurs. By developing effective software that combines all the best funnel marketing practices into a single digital platform, EZFunnels enables its users to generate leads and turn them into repeat customers. This steady flow is essential for a profitable business.

EZFunnels: How it works

Thanks to its drag-and-drop interface, EZFunnels is easy to use. It is user friendly and easy to use. Users do not need any prior training or technical experience in funnel marketing to use it.

With just a few clicks, you can create clean and professional looking landing pages, prospectuses, webinars and consistent sales funnels. EZFunnels also offers a variety of web templates that can be used in a variety of niches.

There are sales and webinar funnels where users can sell their products or services. Thanks to the funnels of opt-in forms and registration, it is possible to collect contacts directly by entrepreneurs.

Pros and Cons of EZFunnels

EZFunnels offers its users many advantages. First of all, all-in-one software takes care of building funnels for all leads. This eliminates the challenge of constantly using new and different programs and software. With EZFunnels, businesses no longer need multiple contact points, just one to build funnel marketing. This allows entrepreneurs to focus on other important tasks in their business. In the long run, this can save you time, money and effort.

Users can also easily change the sales process. You can track the progress of each stage of the funnel building. Split test variants are also available to determine what appeals to the right audience.

Another benefit is that EZFunnels users can also track key aspects such as unique users, new leads, unqualified leads, total revenue, visitors and customer value with one comprehensive, easy to read dashboard.

At the same time, entrepreneurs must always be aware that EZFunnels cannot give a 100% guarantee of success. Because there is no such thing as automatic success. Sustainable results require consistent work on your own goals. The most important thing is that entrepreneurs recognize and understand possible problems in order to be able to work with them later.

Entrepreneurs can thus convince their target market faster and effectively transform potential customers into regular customers. This improves the efficiency of the sales funnel, and the generation of leads changes for the better. This creates the perfect foundation for an excellent product and profitable business.

How many books has Said Shiripour written?

Said Shiripour didn’t just bring great news products to the market. His books “Perfect Online Business”, “Perfect Partner Business”, “Perfect Expert Business”, “Perfect Network Business” and “Everything in a nutshell” have it all.

Shiripour loves to learn, he said. Therefore, he would like to share his knowledge with others. He became the author of these books only to help other companies with his experience and knowledge.


If you are an entrepreneur looking to start an online business and apply the best funnel building methods to your existing business then EZFunnels is the place for you. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, SaaS paves the way to help entrepreneurs across niches and industries achieve their business goals.

As a freelance entrepreneur, Said Shiripour knows exactly what difficulties companies face. This is where EZFunnels comes in. He himself had already started a company and was also looking for a programming solution that could fill the lead generation gaps.

EZFunnels aims to make life easier for entrepreneurs. They should be able to track and monitor their progress. In addition, with EZFunnels it is easy to flexibly optimize your sales funnel.

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