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Regardless of whether you have been working in the company for a long time or you are just starting a new job, the topic of wage negotiations arises during your professional career. Young professionals in particular are often unable to judge which wage requirements are appropriate and which are not.

Tricks for successful wage negotiations

Wage negotiation is a sensitive topic. Employees should therefore be clear about how they express their demands to the boss. You should not rush the door, but present your request calmly and thoughtfully.

First of all, if certain goals or projects have been successfully implemented in the last few weeks and months, they provide a good basis for successful wage negotiations. Employees should not wait for their boss or supervisor to take the initiative, but take action and seek dialogue themselves.

Make a realistic salary estimate

Salaries vary by industry and city. Employees should base their wage expectations on various factors.

Larger firms tend to pay higher salaries than smaller firms. It also depends on whether you have a university degree or not. As a rule, employees with a bachelor’s or master’s degree may earn higher wages. So education pays off!

One of the most important points, however, is previous work experience. The higher it is, the higher the salary can be demanded. After all, those who know more and know each other better than others tend to assume greater responsibility and thus receive higher wages.

Psychological tricks can help you negotiate wages

Before talking to the manager, employees should therefore definitely think about the real amount of the desired remuneration. Anyone who demands more money for their own results and can prove that these services have the best starting position. However, you should refrain from comparing yourself with your colleagues.

Also, if possible, the initial offer should come from the employee, and if the boss then makes a counteroffer, it should never be accepted as it will never be in his best interests. As Sddeutsche Zeitung writes, workers should also choose a number curve for their wage expectations as number curves should lead to better negotiating results.

Number curves lead to better results

In psychology, we talk about the precision effect. Skewed numbers make the other party think that you have dealt intensely with his request. Employees should therefore express 64,830 instead of the possibly reasonable 64,000 euro as an idea to achieve a better result. Cents demands, however, often have a negative impact and should, if at all, be made with caution.

As with any negotiation, the best and strongest argument should always be saved for last. If, contrary to all expectations, it does not bring the desired result and wage negotiations fail, employees should not give up and try again in a few months.

Errors in wage negotiations

If you prepare carefully for salary negotiations and pay attention to a few things, you will avoid mistakes that, in the worst case, will lead to the negotiation failing. While arguments such as productivity gains or accountability will have positive effects, quarrels related to private life should be avoided.

The timing of such a conversation can also have a big influence on the result. On the one hand, you need to make an appointment. Research has shown that Friday is a particularly good time to talk like this because most people are in a better mood as the weekend is approaching.

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