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Tesla charging station: Electric cars are charged here. pexels.com

One of the biggest losers in today’s stock market are Tesla shares (Tesla shares). The newspaper is much cheaper on Monday.

Tesla’s share certificate is one of the biggest losers of the day with a 5.93% discount. Investors are currently paying $ 707.65 on the stock exchange. If you include the NASDAQ 100 (NASDAQ 100) as the benchmark, the index is clearly ahead. At 11,912 points, the NASDAQ 100 is now down 1.76 percent from the previous day’s closing price. Tesla shares had the lowest price so far on November 19, 2010. At that time, the share was trading at $ 1.61, which is $ 706.04 less than today.

Tesla company

Tesla Inc. is a leading manufacturer of premium electric vehicles and a supplier of solar energy systems and energy storage solutions. The company develops and sells electric vehicles at various price points. Tesla recently booked a net income of $ 5.52 billion. The company had sales of goods and services worth $ 53.8 billion. New business data is expected on August 4, 2022.

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