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The company is in service

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UCC tools have appeared in companies, but they often appear alongside traditional telephony. Steffen Ebner, Sales Director at Komsa, sees the synchronization of communication systems as the driving force of the B2B business.

Steffen Ebner, sales director at Komsa

(Photo: Marty Gniew)

Komsa is a distribution partner of Microsoft. Why Microsoft?

Ebner: Microsoft has over 80 percent of the office software market in Europe and teams are now widespread in internal communications, but customers often still have a classic PBX in the company that isn’t just shut down because teams already exist. Many companies are looking for a solution to make external calls through teams. In addition, German midsize companies are still very hesitant when it comes to public cloud solutions and telephony, and they will certainly remain so due to current political events. The need for the integration of both worlds is correspondingly high. This process will be one of the drivers of business development with corporate clients in the coming years.

Komsa invited to Hartmannsdorf for the company's 30th anniversary and over 800 dealers came.  (Photo: Vogel IT media)

What are the integration challenges for partners?

Ebner: That everything is running smoothly. Integrating MS teams into existing communication systems takes the rat’s tail or requires careful planning. Projects typically involve several hundred or thousands of phones. The connection is not a certain success, but a very complex one. You need to know what hardware and what systems are compatible with each other and how to connect them to have a good foundation for future extensions.

What is your role as a distributor?

Ebner: Technical support and accompanying partners. From the hotline to training and professional service, where we deal with integration on behalf of our partners. We are the link between the manufacturer, business partner and the end customer.

Where do you think the market is headed?

Ebner: The future activity of system houses lies in services. Customers are demanding progress in telephony and communication. Someone has to implement this and this service needs to be brought to the market. In the future, the license will be more of the entry point for the conversation with the customer, but the real thing is the service.

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