The summer vacation begins and the Uelzen (vacation) fun begins!

Together with the traditional summer festival in the game reserve, the festivities are announced in Uelzen: on Friday 15 July from 2.00 p.m. the fun for children begins with animals in the city forest with an inflatable castle, circus tent, handicraft offers, a tour guide in the game reserve, as well as a wooden mushroom, animal painting and nesting box stands. But that’s not all: “Our city has many offers for children, young people and families throughout the summer,” says city youth worker Christian Helms. All events, campaigns or tours can be found at

The promotion of children and young people in the Hanseatic city of Uelzen includes some tips for the events:

Handicraft offers at the Baxx Children’s and Youth Center for children from 8 to 14 years old
For three weeks, from July 18 to August 5, Baxx offers a daily changing handicraft: girls and boys make donkeys and dwarfs from tree trunks, model from polymer clay, paint stones, make vases or tinker with little trolls and unicorns.

One-day trip to Jump House in Hamburg on August 2 for teenagers aged 14 and over
Baxx offers young people a visit to the JUMP House Hamburg-Poppenbüttel. In addition to jumping, sporting challenges and always new challenges, we focus on having fun together. The fee is five euros.

Canoeing on August 4 for young people aged 14 and over
They paddle together in canoes from Bohlsen to Ratteich in Uelzen on Gerdau and Ilmenau. Przy ford near Hansen / Kl. Süstedt is a barbecue break. The fee is five euros.

A journey back in time in the museum village of Hösseringen from 8 to 11 August for children from 10 to 14 years old
What was life like in our region 100 years ago? Where did people get their food from in the past? How did the children spend their time then? These topics are the main theme of the holiday camp “Time travel to the museum village”. During the camp, there are various offers that participants can get involved in and implement their own ideas. They will learn about various old techniques of rural culture, such as forging, making flour or baking in a wood-fired oven. Girls and boys collect and process food and prepare meals by the open fire in a historic small house. You can also implement your own small projects. You spend the night in small tents directly on the premises of the museum. The offer is free.

A tour of Germany for young people from 15 to 21 August for young people from 15 to 17 years old
If you are between 15 and 17 years old and fancy a different kind of summer vacation, you’ve come to the right place: The Baxx is exploring Germany with two minibuses. Young people decide for themselves where to go, what to see and experience during this time. The only thing that is certain is that it is heading south!

Anyone wishing to learn more or to register can contact the Baxx Children’s and Youth Center Monday to Friday from 12.30 on 0581 800-7755 or visit These recreational activities and day trips are financed by Lower Saxony’s “Startklar in die Zukunft” program and can therefore be offered at lower prices.


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