This is how Sennheiser’s first sports headphones do

With Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless, Sennheiser offers for the first time in-ear headphones specifically for sports activities. I was able to try them out for several months.

Sennheiser now has a range of in-ear headphones in several price ranges. As you can see from my previous tests, all of them have largely convinced me so far. For the first time, the manufacturer added the SPORT True Wireless model to its offer, which is specially designed for training. Although the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 can also be used for sports, this product offers a number of features that make it better in this application area.

In this test report you can read exactly what it is and how the headphones generally cope with everyday life.

Unpacking and initial configuration

With the SPORT True Wireless you also get the typical Sennheiser unboxing experience, which I have already described in detail in recent test reports. After removing the seal and lifting the cover, you will be greeted by a card explaining the different sound modes. I’ll explain what this is all about later. Below is a charging case that includes two plugs, instructions, and various other pieces of paper, six different silicone caps, and four different-sized silicone rings with wings to attach to the case.

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Initial setup is normal. You put the earbuds into the case and plug it into the power supply. Then put them in your ears and hold both touch surfaces on the sides. This will initiate pairing mode. Now you can select SPORT True Wireless in the Bluetooth settings of your end device. If you need help with setup, there is also a setup manual in the Sennheiser Smart Control App for this model.

Design, workmanship and wearing comfort

Visually, the SPORT True Wireless looks similar to the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3, but has a slightly sportier and more solid look. The case of the earbuds has a slightly different shape, and the charging case doesn’t have a fabric cover here. Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless are only available in black, with a few rose gold accents added to the Sennheiser logo.

The earplugs have an IP54 protection class against dust, splash water and sweat. So you shouldn’t go swimming with him. The case is made of plastic and is consistently well made. On both sides we find a touch-sensitive surface that is sometimes used to control playback. Earlier I mentioned that there are a couple of silicone flap rings for the case. This wing is pressed into the earpieces. I really liked the idea of ​​the silicone rings on the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 as the case doesn’t have to be that bulky and a good grip is still guaranteed. In addition, Sennheiser includes two different types of silicone caps, namely open and closed. With a related equalizer you either get more or less of the outside world. How and if this affects the sound, we’ll look at in one of the other chapters.

The SPORT True Wireless charging box is back very large (why can’t you make it smaller?). The manufacturer also opted for plastic, but here I am also satisfied with the performance. The only negative thing I noticed here was the magnet holding the ears in place. Although they are easy to remove and reinsert, they may fall out in the event of a strong shock. This does not apply, for example, to the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3. Instead, the magnet on the flap holds it reasonably tight. The loop to hang around the wrist is new. Especially at sporting events where you may not have a bag to store your suitcase, I imagine it is very practical. The USB-C port is on the back again, and here it’s even covered with a plastic cap to prevent water damage. I just wonder if it will fall apart sooner or later.

battery life

According to Sennheiser, the battery life should be a full 36 hours. The headphones should last for nine hours without recharging, and the charging box should last an additional 27 hours. In my experience, these values ​​are correct. SPORT True Wireless lasted for days with light use, and even after listening to music for a few hours, the battery doesn’t drain as quickly. At least here, the oversized housing pays off.

It takes about an hour and a half to fully charge the case and headphones. A charging time of just 10 minutes is enough to use the plugs for an hour. Wireless charging is not included. I would, but considering the low price, it’s not too disappointing.

sound quality

The Sennheiser 7mm TrueResponse transducer, which we already know from other products, works in SPORT True Wireless. This includes frequencies from 5 Hz to 21 kHz, the speaker sensitivity is 110 decibels, and the distortion factor is less than 0.08 percent. This model does not use active noise reduction, but thanks to the closed silicone plugs it is not even a big problem.

Bluetooth 5.2 provides a solid and fast connection. SPORT True Wireless can easily compensate for shorter distances from the sound source. SBC, AAC and aptX codecs are supported for transmission.

The sound quality itself is very close to that of the Sennheiser CX (Plus) True Wireless. The sound is clear, balanced and natural, and the bass is sufficient without being overkill. One of the criticisms of the CX True Wireless was that the voices are rather quiet and sometimes get lost in the background. I am happy to confirm that this is not the case with SPORT True Wireless. Compared to the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3, the sound could be more natural, but that’s not a big deal for the price.

What’s the deal with the different silicone caps? As already mentioned, there are open and closed earbuds and matching “Aware” and “Focus” equalizers. Depending on the type of plug, you can hear more or less outside. Fortunately, this does not affect the sound. The only important thing is that the correct equalizer is always set, otherwise the content will be boring or metallic. Simply put, we are dealing here with a mixture of passive and active noise reduction. It’s a cool feature, it works fine, but it’s also a bit of a hassle. Changing silicone tips can be annoying. And unfortunately it is not recognized which dome is fitted, which means that the headphones cannot automatically change the equalizer.

Sennheiser Smart Control App

All settings of Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless are made via the Smart Control App. The application is available for free for Android and iOS.

However, since my test of the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 it has not received any further changes. The appearance and scope of functions remained the same. The novelty is only a small section for the selection of the aforementioned proofreaders. Therefore, the same disadvantages remain from the last time: there is no exact display of the battery and no advantages of the optional Sennheiser account are visible.

Pricing and Availability

Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless requires a suggested retail price of € 129.90. You can buy them directly from Sennheiser or Amazon.

Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless: the conclusion

With Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless, the manufacturer impressively shows what he can do in the price range of 100 euros and refines the entire package with an exciting concept of various silicone tips for a better sports experience. Good and comfortable fit in the ear, unbeatable sound in the price range and long battery life made a good impression. Switching between “Aware” and “Focus” EQs, charging port cover processing and the already mentioned shortcomings of the Smart Control App sometimes need to be improved.

Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless

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Who is the target group of this product? The SPORT True Wireless headphones are suitable for everyone who is looking for good headphones in this price segment and regularly goes in for sports. Better grip definitely pays off here. Otherwise, the CX (Plus) True Wireless does the same.

Thank you for supplying your Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless device.

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