Zanzibar on Sylt: These five things surprised me

There is always a lot going on in the iconic restaurant “Sansibar”.
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Sansibar is one of the most famous restaurants in Sylt.

The restaurateur Herbert Seckler arrived in Sylt at just over 20 years of age and introduced a simple beach snack bar with sausages and chips to the brand empire and high-end gastronomy today.

The editor of Business Insider, Christian Mayer, was surprised there, among others location, high standard and a bottle of red wine for 25,000 euros.

Zanzibar on the island of Sylt is known not only to island lovers. This place recently made headlines when Zanzibar boss Herbert Seckler confirmed that Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) wanted to celebrate his marriage to journalist Franca Lehfeldt there in a few weeks.

The chef of Sansibar, who now runs a restaurant with his son Niklas, reportedly came to the island of Sylt at the age of 20 and sold sausages and fries there at a snack bar. After burning this place down in the 1980s, he built what is today Zanzibar. I did not know the history of Seckler and Zanzibar before my first visit – nor did I know these five things.

Christian Mayer

1. Sansibar is located in the middle of the dunes on the south of the island of Sylt

During my short visit to Sylt, I had previously decided which places I wanted to visit, but did not research where they were. Without checking it out, I would have thought the famous Zanzibar is in the Westerland district and is sort of like part of the party.

But it was not like that: Zanzibar is located in the Rantum district in the south of the island. Bus number 2 goes directly from Westerland and Hörnum to the “Wassertal / Sansibar” stop. From Westerland, it’s about a 20-minute drive.

Note: In the evening hours, the bus does not run as regularly as during the day. The bus stop is right next to the Zanzibar parking lot, after a short walk through the dunes you will reach the restaurant entrance.

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Christian Mayer

2. The kitchen and service refer to a noticeably exclusive gastronomy

I was particularly surprised by the quality of the kitchen and service really she’s good. In my experience, especially in iconic stores, sometimes the reputation is good, the prices are high – but the food is not really that great.

What I paid for: For a starter I chose garlic bread (9 euro), for the main course I chose salmon trout with mashed potatoes and mustard sauce (32 euro). I drank a bottle of water (0.75 liters for eleven euros). So in general: 52 euros.

Christian Mayer

3. Officially, it is not possible to reserve seats outside

You can’t book online in Zanzibar, you can only make a call – and then only reserve tables inside in the evenings.

When I was in Sansibara for the first time shortly before Pentecost I went to a vacant seat outside but the waiter asked me to find another place as it was booked.

Then I managed to get a table from guests who had just left. Interesting: the waitress told me that the desired outdoor areas cannot be booked. Maybe regular guests have special privileges …

4. A bottle of Melchior red wine from California costs 25,000 euros

I realized that the selection of wines and sparkling wines in Zanzibar was sure to be generous and expensive. But reading the actual price off the 60-page wine list is overwhelming. It is said that a good 30,000 bottles of wine are stored in a cellar outside Zanzibar.

What is striking: a bottle of Melchior (18 liters) of red wine from California for 25,000 euros – from brothers Georges and Daniel Daou. Who would spontaneously give themselves and their company?

The cheapest white wine currently starts at EUR 8.50 (Grüner Veltliner from South Africa), the cheapest rosé is EUR 9 and the cheapest red wine is EUR 9.50.

Christian Mayer

5. Sansibar is a real brand with an outlet and online store

I was also surprised to discover Sansibar in a completely different place on Sylt: The Sansibar outlet a few meters from my hotel is a kind of shop for Zanzibar fans. There are clothes, gin, wines, vinegars and oils, coffee… all with Zanzibar branding, of course. And a few meters from the outlet, there is even more wine – in the Zanzibar Wine Hall.

Another interesting fact about Zanzibar is the song. The smash classic “Capri Fischer” by Rudi Schuricke is set to be played as soon as the sun disappears picturesquely in the North Sea. I would also like to have this experience. However, during my stay, only noon seat was available. So I have to catch up with the sunsets in Zanzibar on my next visit to Sylt.

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