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Whether it’s a singer, music producer or even a songwriter! blackbear has almost everything on the box. In October 2022, the fantastic artist will also come to Germany for two dates. You can find out everything about the artist, his songs and tour here on the blog.

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Since mid-2010, blackbear has been an integral part of the international music landscape and it’s hard to imagine your life without it! Blackbear has managed to make a name for himself over the years as both a solo artist and as a songwriter and producer. Has already written or produced anything with status and a name. Now you can see the Native American live with his “Nothing Matters Tour” on October 11 in Cologne and October 13 in Berlin! The tour begins in Atlanta in September, then runs across the entire United States, then travels to London, Utrecht and Paris, until its glorious ending in Cologne and Berlin.

Born in Florida and home in Los Angeles, blackbear hit the charts for the first time in 2016 with his EP “Cashmere Noose”. Although the exceptional artist had already released music a few years earlier, “Cashmere Noose” was supposed to be a real breakthrough. With subsequent albums “Mansionz”, “Digital Druglord” and “Cybersex”, all of which were released in 2017, the musician managed to stay on the charts for weeks and finally arouse enthusiasm among the masses! The album “Mansionz” was created together with pop rapper Mike Posner, with whom he produced as a duo.

But the real hits were yet to come! The artist, born Matthew Tyler Musto, managed to win all the awards with his possibly well-known 2019 single “Hot Girl Bummer”. With over a billion streams on Spotify, the song is certainly one of his greatest successes. In the same year, his album “Anonymous” was released, as did a year after the much more successful gold album “Everything Means Nothing”, which even climbed to 15th place on the Billboard 200.

His unique combination of pop, hip-hop and R&B just works well! Especially the songs “My Ex’s Best Friend” and “Make Up Sex”, which were created together with Machine Gun Kelly, where you can hear blackbear as a fictional role, or the recently released song “gfy”, where the whole thing is the other way around, are fully convincing Line! The music video for “My Ex’s Best Friend”, in which we see Machine Gun Kelly playing guitar on the wreckage of a car that Blackbear pulls upside down with a tow truck, was even entered into the MTV Video Music Awards 2020 and is a small movie masterpiece!

But fantastic productions were created not only together with MGK! For example, this year we also heard the musician perform his best performances with Avril Lavigne on their song “Love It When You Hate Me”. However, Blackbear does not only appear as a solo artist or feature guest. But also as a songwriter and producer for various big stars in the music scene! For example, he was heavily involved in songwriting or the production of numerous works by artists such as Billie Eilish, Ellie Goulding, Maroon 5, G-Eazy and Justin Bieber. His fingers were also involved in Justin Bieber’s number one single, “Boyfriend”!

Also his latest masterpiece, the current song “the idea” is definitely a recommendation! Here, the talented musician created a song that recalls the ups and downs of love, pain, relationship and breakup with a hint of melancholy. Just listen for yourself:

blackbear 2022 lives in Germany | All information about the pre-sale phases

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Ticketmaster presale for everyone from Thursday

If you do not have a PayPal account or are not a Telekom customer, you can still receive tickets before the regular sale begins. Because on Thursday 14th July from 10:00 am you can also easily get your favorite tickets via our Ticketmaster presale!

If you are already in the mood for musical talents from the United States, do not miss one of the two fantastic concerts. Because thanks to its breathtaking energy, blackbear guarantees a record-breaking performance!

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