Central Saxony: More crown cases in hospitals again

Central Saxony: More crown cases in hospitals again

Clinics are prepared for the summer corona wave. But the staff is also not spared from infections.

More patients with a crown are being treated again in Central Saxony clinics. But even the workers themselves are not spared the disease – and therefore are absent.
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Central Saxony. The German Hospital Association warns: the summer wave of Corona could lead to significant staff shortages, including in clinics. Some emergency rooms are already temporarily closed.

In fact, the number of infections in central Saxony has been increasing continuously for five weeks. While 316 new cases emerged in five days in early June, last week it was 1,155. No new infections were reported over the weekend since mid-April.

The number of patients who have to be hospitalized for coronary disease has also increased, from eight in early June to 44 on Tuesday this week. The situation of corona discharges in intensive care units is still calm. One person had to be aired from time to time.

Do Central Saxon clinics also suffer from staff shortages and are there to be restrictions on clinics? Dobelner Anzeiger asked.

Klinikum Döbeln: With the new wave, the existing concept will be reactivated

At the Klinikum Döbeln, there are currently no major breakdowns than usual at this time of the year. “As a result, there are currently no restrictions in our home. No operations need to be put off, ”explains spokeswoman Ulrike Träger.

Four patients diagnosed with Covid are currently being treated in-house at the clinic, three of whom are infected with Covid-19, but have not been admitted to the hospital due to the crown. If the so-called “fall wave” unfolds, the Döbelner Hospital is reactivating an existing concept that has proven itself over the past two years.

Helios Klinik Leisnig: More infections among workers

The Helios group is seeing an increase in Covid infections in some locations, although the picture is very heterogeneous and varies widely by region. Moreover, it is often not the workers themselves that are affected, but, for example, their children, who then have to be quarantined.

“At Helios Klinik Leisnig, there is an increased incidence of infections among employees,” says spokesman Stefan-Clemens Lallecke. The current trend, however, does not indicate the need to deregister branches and branches in the foreseeable future due to a lack of staff.

“Thanks to our experience in the recent waves of the pandemic, we can pool resources quickly when it is most important to best compensate for any staff shortages and thus provide nursing and medical care to our patients,” says Lallecke.

Mittweid Clinic: Visits only with daily negative rapid test

Currently, there is no staff shortage in the Mittweid Clinic due to corona diseases. “However, for about three weeks we have seen a steady increase in the number of patients with a crown in our normal ward,” says Ines Schreiber, responsible for public relations at Mittweida Hospital gGmbH. There are currently twelve patients in the isolation ward of the hospital. Currently, there are no patients with a crown in the intensive care unit.

“Our in-home testing system is still effective, visitors only have access to patients with a negative rapid test daily,” explains Ines Schreiber.

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At present, no restrictions on clinical services or the surgical program would need to be imposed. The ambulance service remains open 24 hours a day on all weekdays and is available in an emergency.

Hospital in Freiberg: staff shortage due to the crown and holidays

Despite the summer temperatures, the infection process associated with the coronavirus is still very much present at the hospital in Freiberg. “Here, too, at the hospital in Freiberg, the number of coronary injuries among patients and employees is increasing again. Unfortunately, this leads to a staff shortage in the current holiday season, says Claudia Steinbach, spokeswoman for United Health Facilities Mittelsachsen GmbH.

The clinic compensates for this by reducing capacity. The spokeswoman doesn’t say exactly what it looks like. However, the occupation of the emergency room is secured at all times. We invite new employees, especially qualified nurses.

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