Company trail in an industrial park: With sports, fun and games against the shortage of skilled workers

After your run through the shopping area, relax at a live concert at the Ziehl-Abegg facility: Oberginsbacher Marlen Geißler (rear right) with your jogging buddies. Photo: Renate Väisänen

The unusual photo was presented in the early Sunday afternoon in the industrial and commercial area near the mountain town of Waldenburg: on the premises of the fan and control device manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg and the Gemü production and logistics center, the atmosphere of a folk festival: Zi (e) hl was decorated with a large inflatable gate, behind which there are various playgrounds, bungee trampoline and deckchairs inviting you to relax. As well as a small mobile massage practice. Physiotherapists Ann Sailer and Melinda Fox are also very popular. “Many Company Trail participants appreciated our services,” reports Sailer. Sailer and her colleague have been guarding the fort outside the Gemü Logistics Center since nine in the morning. Here, DRC employee Eugen Baldassi, who is on duty with six other DRC employees, gives himself a massage.

Run accessible to everyone

“In terms of running, the Company Trail was not difficult,” says Maria Lipp. A girl from Forchtenberg is just picking up her running bonuses: a backpack, sunglasses and a drinking bottle. “But the run was extremely interesting. You have seen the great variety and size of companies located in a business park, ”concludes Lipp.

Insight into the rooms

Company trail in a business park: with sports, fun and games to fight the shortage of qualified employees

The runners’ goal was the large inflatable gate at the Ziehl Abegg plant. About 950 people set out on the company’s path through the Hohenlohe business park. Photos: Renate Väisänen Photo: Renate Väisänen

Maren Geißler has already received a pair of blue-rimmed sunglasses, a gift from the Company Trail organizer, ZIEHL-ABEGG. At 10.30 a woman from Oberginsbach started jogging with her friends. The first attraction for the runners was the ninja course in the production hall at the Ziehl-Abegg plant. However, Geißler would like to know more about some of the participating companies. “You only see the big blocks, and you’d like to know what’s behind them,” agrees her colleague Alexander Jakob. “In any case, the food you got from Rüdinger, the shipping company and the ice cream from Lidl’s high bay warehouse, were great,” everyone agrees. Another highlight was the football darts board at Würth-Elektronik and the disco tunnel with light effects and music. “It was an experience, especially for runners,” say colleagues.

actions and obstacles

Where the last of the Company Trail runners broke an hour and a half ago, now you can hear the enthusiastic cheers of children and adults. There is a lot of madness on the action and obstacle course that looks like a row of giant bouncy castles. The sight of Rainer Grill, head of PR at Ziehl-Abegg, is pleased. “Visitors are having a great time,” he says. He is also satisfied with almost 950 runners. Back in the courtyard of the company’s headquarters, the cover band Keep Alive began to play for numerous guests at the beer bench sets. The stands of the participating companies, where you can find information about training opportunities, are also very popular. “It is important to us that we are present as a coach and employer on the Company Path in the Hohenlohe Business Park. After all, it is the external warehouse of our constantly growing company, ”explains Karin Pozar, HR manager at Rüdinger.

The idea for recruiting employees

Company trail in a business park: with sports, fun and games to fight the shortage of qualified employees

The ninja course was one of the attractions of this year’s Business Trail. Photo: Renate Väisänen

Perhaps one day guest Nina Altvater will report to one or the other company here. “I could certainly imagine it,” says a business administration student specializing in culture and leisure management. “In any case, a lot of great things have been invented for the company trail. The run was really fun, ”says the woman from Waldenburg. “

A lot has changed in recruiting, ”says Altvater’s mother Susanne. “When I was looking for an internship as an industrial clerk, I even had to pass an exam,” he recalls. The idea of ​​using Company Trail to recruit the future of Altvater specialists thinks it’s a good thing: “When you spend your free time, in conjunction with product and company presentations, you try to connect people with the right companies.”

Participating companies

Company Trail was organized by ten companies in the Hohenlohe Business Park: Adolf Würth, Gemü, Lidl, R.Stahl, Regal Rexnord (Nicotra Gebhardt), Rüdinger Spedition, SWG, Würth Elektronik, Würth Modyf and Ziehl-Abegg.

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