Decision for Trafo Hub GmbH vs Social Center

Gottingen. The council’s administrative committee, which does not meet publicly, has decided: The city administration will continue to negotiate the sale of the city building and the transformer node plans for the prison with Braunschweig-based Trafo Hub GmbH – and only with them.

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As a result of this decision, the Initiative of the Community Center is excluded from the competition for the central property at Waageplatz. As a tenant, she wanted to establish a health center and a community center in a historic building. Trafo Hub GmbH coworking spaces, space for start-ups and apartments.

Thanks to its decision, the management committee has regained the need for advice requested by the Greens in the building committee on Thursday and recommended by the majority of the committee. Because unlike the construction committee, where the opposition parties have the majority of votes, the allied parties of the SPD, CDU and FDP have an advantage in the decisive administrative committee.

Mayor Petra Broistedt (SPD) informed the public at a board meeting about the decision of the management committee. However, it was only when Almut Schilling, spokesman for the “Social Center in Göttingen” initiative asked about it during a public hearing.

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Former JVA: The investor could have withdrawn

Inventory analysis costs Trafo Hub GmbH a six-figure sum, Broistedt explained the decision. Therefore, the investor needs some security. If the city were to negotiate with other stakeholders, it was feared that Trafo Hub would withdraw. “That doesn’t mean the JVA will be sold,” explained Broistedt.

However, the “resale of the former JVA” negotiations with Trafo Hub GmbH have so far been the focal point of the approved bill. The subject of the negotiations should be the future use, protection of monuments, financing, schedule and contracts for possible sale to Trafo Hub GmbH. The repurchase right should also be granted to the city, according to top management on Monday. Broistedt also stressed that the city had neither the people nor the time to renovate the former prison.

Broistedt also pointed out on Monday that politicians had instructed the administration to contact a community center to jointly discuss possible alternative properties. To this end, the CDU has already made a proposal to the construction committee that the welfare center could be moved to a building currently used by the Salvation Army, which urgently needed refurbishment, and to seek new accommodation for the Salvation Army. . However, before this proposal was made, neither the administration nor the politician spoke to the Salvation Army and the Social Center. Therefore, representatives of both institutions expressed their surprise.

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Former JVA in Göttingen: Pfui appeals and criticism of the opposition in the council

At the council meeting, Community Center representatives, who made a large appearance, welcomed Broistedt’s remarks with shouts of “Ugh.” Schilling criticized the lack of public participation and the lack of transparency in politics. “Where is the trust in democratic bodies?” She asked. Cyrille Franke of the Waageplatz-Viertel forum criticized the lack of public participation and called the situation “poisoned”. He alleges that the decision-making process is not justified.

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Even the opposition did not hold back from criticizing this approach: Till Jonas Hampe (Volt party council group) accused the administration of “obedience to the economy.” Jost Leßmann (GöLinke) criticized the fact that Broistedt first presented JVA’s plans to the press and did not wait for the technical committee. His group was “indignant.” “Here is a fait accompli,” said Left Party leader Edgar Schu. In a statement on Tuesday, the left reiterated its criticism. The administration opened up to blackmail and gave up its negotiating power. Trafo Hub and the community center did not have equal opportunities.

Former JVA: “Everything has been said”

Tom Wedrins (SPD) replied that it was indeed a democratically elected decision, calling for a “serious debate”. “All board members had a chance to look at the JVA concepts,” said Insa Wiethaup, also SPD.

Cornelius Hantscher (Greens) called for “a little disarming” of the arguments. It was a very difficult decision. Nothing happened behind closed doors, according to Ehsan Kangarani (CDU): “Everything has been said.”

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On Monday, the question was raised on several occasions as to whether the JVA should only be used for social purposes, according to a preliminary investigation commissioned by the council at the time. Broistedt said the purpose of the entire renovation was to promote social cohesion in the neighborhood, but the prison’s purpose was not specifically defined as social. Moreover, such preliminary investigation is not legally binding.

No citizen participation due to Corona

Broistedt’s explanation of the lack of public participation in construction projects in the northern city center sparked some outrage: the crown pandemic. She announced that she makes up for it in the fall.

Schilling also complained that the social center was unable to present its concept of the prison. Broistedt replied that an invitation had been sent to the initiative by email but no reply had been received. “We did not receive any mail,” said Schilling.

After over an hour of discussion, the councilors finally voted to end the hour of civic consultations. Lauritz Kawe (CDU) previously suggested continuing the roundtable discussion.

Before the construction commission on Thursday: protest against the sale of the former prison to Trafo Hub GmbH in Braunschweig.

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Former JVA: Goettinger Greens have a lot of questions

The Greens reiterated their criticism of the JVA’s decision on Tuesday: “The fact that a council building in a good location is sold to a private investor is just one of the mistakes in this decision,” criticized Julian Schlumberger, chairman and member of the council. construction committee. The budget alliance of the SPD, CDU and FDP ignores the recommendation of the construction committee and the commitment of local residents to the mayor.

According to Schlumberger, the CDU’s proposal for the Social Center and the Salvation Army leaves too many questions unanswered. Where is the Salvation Army? How much is the renovation effort so that the building can even serve as a community center? ”He asks.

Schlumberger’s conclusion: “We consider this decision of the majority alliance, without public opinion, against the will of many citizens and without carrying out the necessary feasibility study, a fatal sign.”

The Social Center initiative sees a “scandalous step in gentrification” in the sale of the prison building. She announced on Tuesday that she would fight “city gentrification plans” and continue the campaign for a social center in prison.

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Elena Everding and Michael Brakemeier

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