Delivery service in Stuttgart: Doordash paves the way for Wolt – Stuttgart

DoorDash will soon disappear, giving way to Wolt. Photo: cf / Wolt

Only a few months after entering Germany, the American supplier Doordash is withdrawing from Stuttgart. Wolt takes over for this. The American company bought a Finnish delivery service. Lieferando, the market leader, welcomes the competition.

Andy Fang went to Stuttgart when his company entered Germany. The billionaire even personally delivered the first orders via DoorDash by bike in mid-November. “Your city is beautiful, but the hills are difficult,” he later explained. Otherwise, Americans defined Stuttgart as an average city and therefore chose it to start with. But after nine months, the delivery service is already withdrawing. As busy Andy Fang was also busy taking over the Finnish Volt competitor during his fall visit – and now he has to climb the hill. “Competition stimulates business,” comments Nora Walraph, spokeswoman for Lieferando.

Users need to download the new application

So the transformation in Stuttgart is seamless. Anyone who uses the DoorDash app to place an order will be informed that Wolt will fulfill the order. The new company has been operating in Stuttgart since the beginning of July. In addition to the couriers dressed in various colors, Wolt drivers dressed in blue will also appear on the streets. “It’s going well” – informs Elena Militaro, Masseria manager. The restaurant was one of the first customers of DoorDash in Stuttgart. In early November, restaurant owner Caroline de Sadeleer was delighted with the easy online presence in the app and good customer service. Its employees now praise the Volt as “the best”: Lieferando describes it as “a little confusing and chaotic” and the third provider, UberEats, sometimes doesn’t work at all.

Wolt Germany spokesman Fabio Adlassnigg wants the change to be “especially tasty” for DoorDash users with offers. “Nothing will change for the people of Stuttgart,” he says. However, they have to download a new app, the previous one will be shut down in the next few weeks. However, the offer remains the same. Not only restaurants can sell their food on the internet platform, but flower and wine shops can also sell their products. “We want to give retailers the tools they need to face Amazon and the like,” says Fabio Alassnigg. And the working conditions of the Stuttgart couriers could improve: previously they were hired by recruiters, and now they can apply for a permanent job at Wolt.

There are even more bicycle couriers in the city

Why DoorDash did not save the failed start in Germany remains a bit of a mystery. Andy Fang announced the acquisition of a European competitor just days earlier. In Stuttgart, however, he spoke of the will to build a “sustainable business” with DoorDash. He was already looking for employees in Hamburg and Berlin. The change is now referred to as “renaming”: DoorDash and Wolt were only active in Germany and Japan at the same time, both countries were left to the Finnish brand. It has been operating in Germany for two years, and currently operates in several cities.

A competitor Delivery Hero, who also wanted to buy a Volt and return to the delivery industry with the FoodPanda brand in November, was probably intimidated. But as soon as we arrived in Stuttgart, the service was gone again at the end of the year. Since February, a branch of the American UberEats entry service has been running around the city. Bicycle couriers are on the rise: in addition to three food vendors, gorillas and Flink ride with groceries, and since June, First A cyclists with drugs from their local pharmacy.

Lieferando improves customer service

“The more other suppliers there are, the more people jump into fashion,” says Nora Walraph from Lieferando. Because most Germans would still order food from a restaurant over the phone, she reports. However, delivery services benefit from the transition to the company’s own applications. The German brand of the Dutch group Eat Takeaway has been represented in Germany since 2009 and is the market leader. But competition also stimulates business in Lieferando: Nora Walraph assures us that the offer of partner restaurants is constantly being improved. The plastic-free, compostable packaging that was previously only available from DoorDash is new to the web store for hosts.

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