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Flying is difficult on these summer days. It becomes especially difficult with transfer connections when the suitcases and owners are on different flights. Mountains of suitcases are growing.

Frankfurt am Main.

Due to problems with air traffic, German airports are faced with serious problems with baggage. An increasing number of suitcases have to be handled at larger airports, which, according to the dpa survey, reach their destination only after their owners. Passengers and luggage are kept separate, especially during transfers at hubs such as Munich and Frankfurt.

The Berlin BER The spokeswoman said that every day they receive about 300 suitcases that airlines send to their customers. This is much more than usual, so it was necessary to make additional space for temporary storage of suitcases. A large part comes from hubs such as Munich or Frankfurt.

In Munich there are up to several thousand suitcases that need to be allocated, which is confirmed by the airport operator. However, no one knows the exact number and is not solely responsible for it: “A large proportion of these suitcases were sent from other stations to Munich to be processed here.”

On Frankfurt airport At peak times, there are currently thousands of suitcases that need to be handed over, confirmed the operator Fraport, also without giving exact numbers. This is more than in normal times. The reason for this is the lack of punctuality of numerous flights. Lufthansa recently canceled further flights to make the entire system more reliable. However, according to Fraport, there is no need to create extra spaces for leftover suitcases, as there have always been times in the past where you had to ship more pieces of luggage.

FROM Hanover airport According to its own statements, it records about five times as many pieces of lost luggage than usual. “We estimate this number to average between 300 and 500 lost and found cases per day.” However, due to the pandemic, the data for the years 2019 to 2022 are difficult to compare. “Obviously, the number of loss reports grows as the number of flights increases each year due to seasonal factors.”

On Hamburg airport According to a spokeswoman, the only problems are with luggage that has been transferred from other airports. The airlines are responsible. Lufthansa has advised passengers to check the status of their loss report online and collect the suitcase at the airport when the luggage arrives in Hamburg.

FROM Düsseldorf airport was unable to provide any information about the luggage. The spokesman referred to the airlines and their baggage handlers.

On Stuttgart airport it currently holds around 160 pieces of luggage, a spokesman said. In the record-breaking 2019, there were about twice as many of them in a comparable time. (dpa)

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