From Mainz to FC Bayern: The three Hentcho brothers swap – football

FC Bayern has acquired three talented brothers from the 1st FSV Mainz 05 – the youngest is only nine years old.

Helmut Zahn knows the business. A former professional who was active in Karlsruher SC and Darmstadt 98 in the Bundesliga and Mainz 05, Wormatia Worms and Freiburger FC in the second division, he transferred to the youth academy in Kaiserslautern after his career. Here he worked first as a trainer, then as a development and performance coordinator. After almost 20 years at FCK, he returned home to Mainz, where the 66-year-old is now in charge as a youth scout in the U14 to U16 age groups.

Aristide Hentcho Nseke: A 14-year-old in the spotlight of big clubs

According to Helmut Zahn, when the three brothers Aristide (14), Aviel (12) and Alex (9) were about to change, the applicants focused on the eldest, 14-year-old Aristide Hentcho Nseke. According to Zahn, Borussia Dortmund also released tentacles for the talent of Mainz U14. And regardless of the statement by 05 board member Christian Heidel that he would like the three talents to remain in Mainz, two things were probably decisive for the Hentcho Nseke family’s move to Munich. “The three boys are huge Bayern fans,” Helmut Zahn told SWR Sport. So far so good. But it is likely Helmut Zahn’s son, Florian, played a greater role. The forty-year-old probably knows the business better than his father, Helmut.


FSV Mainz 05 is losing three soccer talents between the ages of 9 and 14 to Bayern.

Work, FCK, Chelsea FC, Bayern Munich

Florian Zahn was manager of the SV Wehen Wiesbaden club’s third division team for four years. He then moved to Kaiserslautern as an assistant coach under 19, whereupon his scouting career began there as well. He then worked as an island talent scout for five years at Chelsea FC before moving to Bayern Munich in early 2020. There, he recently took the position of team leader for squad planning and scouting in the youth team.

Early contact with Mainz 05 and family

It’s also Florian Zahn, who at the end of last year took advantage of the family connection with Mainz and had the first talks with the head of the 05er youth academy, Volker Kersting. He also contacted the father of the Hentcho Nseke brothers who ran the football school in Frankfurt. “No young player will contact FC Bayern without parental involvement,” said Zahn junior SWR Sport. Very soon, while talking to the family, it became clear that “no one will move elsewhere” but the Hentcho Nseke family can only be as a complete package. A little later it was equally clear that the family path did not lead to Leverkusen or Dortmund, according to Florian Zahn, these two clubs with an established position in the Bundesliga were also very interested, but to Munich.

The youngest of the three Hentcho brothers: Alex (left), 9 years old, still wearing a Mainz shirt.  (Photo: IMAGO, Imago / neighborhood photo)

The youngest of the three Hentcho brothers: Alex (left), 9 years old, still wearing a Mainz shirt.


Imago / photo of the district

The family, including an older sister, came to Munich. The three boys have already successfully completed their first assignments for various Bayern youth teams. Alex senior’s father will work in the international youth camp of German record holders. “We badly need coaches in our soccer school,” says Bayern team leader Florian Zahn, “and Alex Senior ran a successful school in Frankfurt.”

It is nothing new that talented kickers move to Munich, sometimes with their parents. A few years ago the then 15-year-old Oliver Batista-Meier moved to Bayern from the youth team of 1. FC Kaiserslautern and his parents were there too. But the fact that the three brothers from Mainz are on the Bayern youth team is also “a very unusual constellation” for Florian Zahn.

The futile attempts of Mainz

The president of the 1st FSV Mainz 05, Stefan Hofmann, regrets the change of talented brothers. “I think it is a shame that the three of them left the Mainz 05 training program,” former sporting director of the NSZ der Rheinhessen told SWR Sport, adding: “We can only convince in terms of content and point out that the chance to create a Bundesliga is greater in Mainz than Munich. ” Current examples are Jonathan Burkardt, Niklas Tauer and goalkeeper Robin Zentner, all trained at the NSZ am Bruchweg. “The attractiveness of the big clubs, but also the financial aspects, certainly play a role in the change,” continues Hofmann.

Known for his very good work with young people: FSV Mainz 05 (photo: IMAGO, Imago / Jan Huebner)

Known for his very good work with young people: 1. FSV Mainz 05.


Imago / Jan Huebner

Alex junior the greatest talent?

When it comes to the current, remarkable triple shift, Stefan Hofmann can therefore understand the entire family move to Munich. The CEO of Mainz at least questions whether the Bavarians have focused on Hentcho’s eldest son Aristide, as officially announced. Because the only 9-year-old Alex junior is considered the greatest talent. Videos of his dribble were shared by his family on social media channels and were watched hundreds of thousands of times. Little Alex has nearly 20,000 followers on TikTok alone. “It is possible that the 14-year-old was only an alibi for the 9-year-old when it was signed,” said Hofmann.

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