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  • New perspectives: Thanks to the work of 30 artists, Dr. Elisabeth Lerche for the new edition of the “My Artists” exhibition at her Woferlhof gallery Photos: Hiendlmaier
  • Without a doubt: thanks to Clemens Hal’s Mother Earth, everyone who sees her knows where she is.

Bad Koetzting.Even if many (yet) do not feel like it: it can be celebrated again, this also applies, and especially to those interested in art. The first address is Galeria Woferlhof by Dr. Elisabeth Lerche, who has been inviting her friends to the “My Artists” show in Wettzell since Saturday.

It looks seriously and diligently at the viewer of “Mother Earth” by Clemens Heinl. He stands in the center of the gallery in Woferlhof and holds our earth in his hands – a little blue ball. The wooden goddess does not seem to care that she is naked and attractive – her work is too important to watch out for the little blue ball that is already in danger of running out of air.

It is hard to find a better artistic presentation of the present than the sculptor from Upper Franconia Heinl. Literally naked truth and our view of it extend to the last corner of the Woferlhof gallery hosted by Dr. Elizabeth Lark. She says that she expected a revival of interest in art in the first months of this year. “But I have a feeling there is still a long way to go before I feel like I am in the days before Corona.”

During the Corona period, art and culture were the first things to break loose. Due to the blockade, the owner of the Lerche gallery also stayed at home for several weeks and wondered if and when cultural life would be possible again – and what it would look like.

Today is dr. Like many other art and culture providers, Lerche takes it a step further: “Celebrities still attract audiences, but things get tough behind them,” Thomas E. Bauer described the location of his Blaibach concert hall from the summer of 2022.

Art to feel good

There are similarities, and not only because many visitors to the concert hall are also friends of the Woferlhof Gallery: “It seems to me that many people do not want to treat themselves to something, even if they can,” says the widow of Achim Lerche, describing the status quo in her home.

In March in particular, she staged at the Woferlhof arguably the largest show by probably the most respected artist in the region, Helmut Sturm. The reaction to the memorial exhibition on the 90th birthday of the Spur member who died in 2008 was strong and motivating, says Elisabeth Lerche. In addition, many art lovers have been interested but unfortunately also reserved when it comes to bringing jewelry into their own four walls.

The summer exhibition “My Artists” is intended to help revive this carelessness from 2019 and earlier.

In 2019, the GP took responsibility for the first time, and a year later she created her own “My Artists” by Achim Lerche. By the way, in 2020 the gallery celebrated its 30th anniversary. And now another fourth edition of the high-quality contemporary art show, where around 30 artists from the Woferlhof Gallery present their new works.

A short visit shows at first glance that the artists support the request of the gallery owner for more self-confidence. When the sliding gate to the most important private gallery in the region is opened on Saturday at 4 p.m., the public can count on colors and shapes that will make them want to see the future.

Menno Fahl’s three-dimensional, colorful “room paintings”, who studied with Spur member Lothar Fischer, arouse an interest in art as well as the portraits of Irene Fastner’s women, which seem to be conjured up by children’s hands. Local hero Leo Schötz is also twice as big, colorful and cheerful. “Visitors can expect a very colorful, lively exhibition this year, which also has thought-provoking sides,” is how the curator describes the approximately 200 works in the unique Kunststadl Wettzell.

They all share a high level of quality, which goes hand in hand with the stability of artistic and financial value. There is a perspective not only on the recognition of artists, says Elisabeth Lerche. Whoever buys a job at Woferlhof will not only enjoy it visually for a long time.

Three new arrivals

According to the hostess, these beautiful prospects also apply to three new people: Claudia Meitert from Chamerau, who has been living in Regensburg since 2012 as a freelance illustrator. Clients like Red Bull and AEG appreciate their work. Munich-based Jörg Schwarzenbach chooses to use color in the style and style of old masters’ painting to create contemporary art.

If this is too unromantic and immelancholic for these art lovers, Woferlhof got in touch with Michael Gatzke in Leverkusen. His people stand alone in a wild, unreal landscape – lost, however they may feel at the moment. For orientation, however, it is enough to just turn your head to “My Artists”. The concise “Mother Earth” is visible from every point.

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