Gasthaus Eiche in Murrhardt: New life within the venerable walls – Rems-Murr district

Heidi and Andreas Walz are looking forward to their new assignment. Photo: Eva Herschmann

Andreas Walz revived the traditional Gasthaus Eiche in Murrhardt after a complete renovation. The brother of the hairdresser star Udo Walza, who died in 2020, also offers a beautiful and large beer garden.

It looks like Andreas Walz has finally arrived. After turbulent years – and the end of his commitment to gastronomy at Schlösslebräu in Sulzbach / Murr – the 62-year-old wants to start afresh as a tenant at the venerable Eiche in Murrhardt. On Saturday, the brother of the hairdresser’s star Udo Walz, who died in 2020, celebrated a big party in the cozy beer garden of the traditional inn at Fornsbacher Straße 14. “It was a complete success. The guests danced on the lawn, says Andreas Walz with satisfaction.

The facade has received a new coat of paint

The oak, which has always been a hospitable home, stood empty for over two years. Now it is not only the green shutters and the yellow facade that have received a fresh coat of paint. Andreas Walz commissioned a major refurbishment of the 150-year-old building before the inn reopened in full splendor over the weekend. “The building and technology were quite neglected, and we made some changes, such as enlarging the kitchen,” says the trained engineer who, in addition to his basic job as a company trainer and consultant, has been on trips to the catering industry for years.

In 2015, Andreas Walz opened a brewery in Sulzbach / Murr. After disagreements with the owners of the convention and cultural cooperatives Sulzbach Akzente UG, who run the iconic Belinda disco next door, he made his former job vacant. On the one hand, says the innkeeper, there was a lot of renovation backlog in the Schlösslebräu and different opinions about who was responsible. Most of all, he wanted a change. “I consciously wanted to be a little smaller. In Schlösslebräu, I had 150 seats inside and the same number outside. There are 80 seats in the beer garden and 65 at home to master in Eiche, ”says Andreas Walz. This is also reflected in the personnel requirements. While a team of around 20 people looked after the guests in Sulzbach, the new site requires only three service staff, plus two employees in the kitchen, plus an apprentice. “In the past I was also forced to organize parties to get away from the ground at all, I don’t have to be here, but I can if I want to.” Andreas Walz plans to organize a Sunday morning with heavy music from time to time. – And then we’ll see what else comes next.

The mayor was here too

Andreas Walz proudly led many visitors through his new kingdom with a beautiful and large beer garden on Saturday. Armin Mößner, the mayor of Murrhardt, and numerous city councilors also came. Everyone congratulated him and his wife Heidi on reopening, and praised the redesigned venue, which shines with a fresh glow but still conveys the charm of history. The history of the house was very consciously taken into account during the modernization – says the new tenant.

Reboot was successful. “It was a nice party to start with,” says Andreas Walz, who is actually from Waiblingen. Its owners were there too, with the whole family. “They are happy that the house has finally come to life after two years,” says the host, who is looking forward to the first summer season at Gasthaus Eiche. “That was the right step for me, now I want to pamper my guests here.” Also with the famous Schlösslebräu beer. Because his former master brewer Daniel Singh, who still operates in the brewery, will continue to supply him with tasty beer according to the original recipe, which was also appreciated by his brother Udo, who lives in Berlin.

Service at the oak inn

opening hours
In the traditional Gasthaus Eiche on Fornsbachstraße 14 in Murrhardt, guests can stay six days a week. Tuesday is a non-working day, otherwise it is open from Monday and Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 2pm and 4:30 pm to 10pm. The inn is then open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 11:00 to 22:00.

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