Harry Styles in Munich: When it comes to love traveling around the world – Munich

“Now tell the person to your right that you love them. And the person on your left. Then close your eyes and say it to yourself, ”encourages the audience Harry Styles during his concert at the packed Olympiahalle. Thousands of fans devotedly follow this order, after all, Styles is on a world tour under the slogan “Love On Tour”, and if there’s something to do tonight, it’s love and volume.

The fans had to endure two years as the “Fine Line” tour of the Harry Styles album of the same name had to be postponed due to the pandemic. The Briton’s third solo album has just been released. It is thanks to the team formed in the “X-Factor” talent program. one direction became famous and from the beginning of his solo career he was constantly heroized as a figurehead of a new, colorful, enlightened generation, as well as a fashion icon (he was the first man to cover the cover Fashion honored) and is also cast as an actor. “Harry’s House” is the name of the new album and is celebrated by fans as a metaphor for the sense of integration and security that the 28-year-old gives them.

Styles kicks off the opening concert for “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” with a sprint in red and pink leather pants and a white and red shirt to an 80s-inspired song with a thick baseline that sounds like Quincy Jones. his fingers in the pie on the other side of the stage. It is followed by the hits “Golden” and “Adore You” by the band “Fine Line”. When Harry Styles wants to introduce himself later, he can’t because there are so many screams. Several new songs appear, some of them put on stage by two musicians.

Kudos to the mustache fathers with pink shirts

The new album is stylistically different from the previous one, which significantly influenced the status of Harry Styles as a contemporary pop icon. Along with the “Fine Line” Styles also changed – fashionably – flared pants, feather boas, shirts with frills. At the concert, some songs from “Harry’s House” show that a little club tour would suit them – for example, with the melancholic “Keep driving” screamed above it. Thanks to the hymn “Lights Up” it becomes worthy of a stadium again. Styles flirts with his fans during the concert, praises his fathers for their mustaches and pink shirts, and rituals are celebrated that date back to the boy band One Direction: Styles exclaims “It’s a family show” and then maliciously asks “… or is this?”

Styles has been repeating this sentence for over ten years at all concerts and thus sums up his change of status: in the boy band he was first the cute with curly hair, in the later stages of the band he became the long-haired Dirty Harry, besieged by tabloids for romances with models from Victoria’s Secret, and during his solo career he became a supporter of the – albeit controversial – LGBTQIA movement. On the one hand, Styles is praised for making the queer community visible, and on the other hand, there are those who accuse him of using queer themes for commercial purposes.

When the first Pride flag is raised, Styles says it fits perfectly with his three songs “Disco Medley” and the second song, “Treat People With Kindness”, becomes the family show again. The song has rock and opera ties and exudes a musical mood. Style flirts with one hand resting on his hip, and when the mood in the hallway is so high that it doesn’t seem like it can be increased, it goes for one better. For example, when he calls out “wait for this”, he excites the audience with a chorus, then counts down to four in German – and starts all over again, with even more power, even more ecstasy. It even increases when it unpacks One Direction’s mega hit “What Makes You Beautiful”.

The team of six was presented with great respect by Styles, three of whom have been playing for a long time. Guitarist Mitch Rowland is the opposite of Harry Styles, while he runs, dances and laughs, the guitarist stands stoically with his instrument, hardly making a face at the over two-hour party. Together with multi-instrumentalist Ny Oh and drummer Sarah Jones, he forms the core of the band.

During the concert, Styles occasionally glances at the screens behind him as he sings, and can watch himself as he tirelessly continues creating legends. Large poses, such as the microphone stand extended to the sky in “Love of my life,” have recently led to comparisons of Styles with Freddy Mercury. Comparisons to musicians from previous decades are as varied as the costumes of the megastar. Styles is mentioned in the same breath with David Bowie and Elton John – when it comes to looks – or with Robbie Williams when the theme is the solo success of an ex-boy band member.

And that is the crux of the matter: what Harry Styles does is nothing new. In the second half of the last century, men appeared on the stage, conquering the scenes and blurring the gender boundaries in women’s costumes. Of course, it’s not Harry Styles’ fault that it’s an indictment from society in the 21st century that it’s enough for a white and possibly heterosexual man not to act like an asshole and thus be celebrated as an icon of a new generation.

Harry Styles has mastered about two and a half dance steps he likes to change (left hip, right hip, shoulder roller with bent arms), the new addition from “Just As It Was” is exhilarating jumping where he throws his limbs to everyone. The song is a single from the current album. Along with the ballad “Sign of the Times” which made Styles a successful solo artist in 2017, the sexy summer hit “Watermelon Sugar High” and the only live “Medicine”, the song is one of the encore.

Yes, it’s a show for the whole family. A colorful, loud, inclusive family gives its protagonist the love he craves on his tour.

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