Less crime and high explanation rate

Transmission of the safety report: (from left) PHK Andreas Zenger (PI Eggenfelden), Patrick Tarnowski (Head of Security and Public Order at the LRA), PP Manfred Jahn (PP Niederbayern), Michael Fahmüller, LKD Paul Mader (PP Niederbayern), KR Christoph Gibis (KPI Passau), EPHK Stephan Goblirsch (PI Simbach am Inn), PHK Erich Scherbaum (PI Pfarrkirchen). – Picture: red

Lower Bavaria’s Police Chief Manfred Jahn brought the good news when he handed over the 2021 security report to County Administrator Michael Fahmüller. Declines have been reported in major crime areas.

total crime
and clearance

The total crime rate in the poviat dropped from 3,401 to 3,071 cases (-9.7%). Police chief Jahn said the restrictions related to the crown could have the effect of reducing the number of cases as it eliminated many opportunities for a crime to be committed. However, lifting the restrictions from spring 2022 could result in an increase in crime this year.

The decrease in the overall crime rate in the poviat is also reflected in the 9.9% decrease in the incidence (HZ). According to the press release, HZ is an important indicator of the crime rate in the population. “That’s the number of statistically recorded crimes per 100,000 inhabitants.” For Rottal-Inn, the figure is 2,521 (2020: 2,799).

Of all crimes registered in 2021, 73.4% were solved. The county’s detection rate fell 1.7 percent compared to 2020, but is still above 72.9 percent in Lower Bavaria and well above 66.9 percent in Bavaria.

acts of violence, theft
and break-ins

In the area of ​​violent crime, a decrease was recorded from 34 cases to a total of 74 offenses. A violent crime covers all crimes against life or physical integrity.

The number of street crimes has also dropped significantly. This includes offenses committed exclusively or mainly on public roads, paths and squares. While there were 454 cases in 2020, it fell to 374 (-17.6%) in the reporting year.

Last year, in the poviat, statistically 538 offenses were recorded, which can be classified as theft. Compared to the previous year (639 offenses), it was 15.8 percent. less. In the area of ​​home burglaries, there was an increase from 20 to 22 statistically recorded cases.

The number of violent crimes, street crimes and theft in the reported year is at the lowest level in the last ten years.

fall in
drug crime

Cases of drug-related crime have also decreased. While there were still 322 cases in 2020, the number had dropped to 268 cases in 2021, a decrease of 16.8%.

road accidents

The number of road accidents in the poviat increased by 3.7 percent to a total of 4,147 accidents in the surveyed year (2020: 4,000). In total, in 352 road accidents with health impairment (2020: 346 accidents), 458 people (2020: 455 people) were injured. Last year, six people were killed in road accidents (2020: 7).
In the area of ​​the main causes of accidents, excessive speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol, the statistics clearly increase. While 68 road accidents due to speeding still occurred in 2020, the number rose to 135 accidents in the year under review. Alcohol accidents increased from 34 to 45 accidents (2019: 41).

In this context, Chief of Police Manfred Jahn announced that the Police Headquarters in Lower Bavaria will carry out more inspections in 2022 based on the new Bavarian road safety program 2030 “Bayern mobil – Sicherheit ans Ziel” (“Bayern mobil – Sicherheit ans Ziel”). ), in particular to tackle the root causes of accidents. “For our colleagues, this is one of the main tasks in the transport sector this year,” said Jahn.

sense of security

During the talks on security, the Lower Bavarian police chief emphasized that in 2022, in addition to ensuring an objective security situation, the main task of the Lower Bavarian police is to strengthen the sense of security of the population. The aim is to strengthen the level of safety achieved in the long term and thus make a significant contribution to ensuring that the high quality of life in the district can still be seen in this form. “A good, objective security situation and an enhanced sense of security are an important localization factor for our region,” said Police Chief Manfred Jahn.

At the safety meeting, Starost Michael Fahmüller was very pleased with the satisfactory changes in the crime and road accident figures. He stressed that he attached great importance to maintaining this standard in the future and expressly praised the very good cooperation of the security authorities: “I would like to expressly thank everyone who contributes to making our citizens live more safely.”

However, he is concerned about the increasing brutalization of police officers: “As a society, we must protect our police officers and cannot tolerate insults or even physical attacks,” emphasized Fahmüller.

Finally, the chief of police, Manfred Jahn, thanked the district mayor, Michael Fahmüller, for his excellent and very collegial cooperation with the District Office. – red

For a more eloquent presentation, as the police note in a press release, the number of cases of each type of offense is listed without violating the law relating to foreigners (illegal border crossing / stay and document-related offenses).

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