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A 45-second Twitter video mixed with today’s breakfast coffee. You can see on it: The Austrian women’s national football team during the press conference crash after the second group game of the European Championship in England.

For many, a short clip may be little more than a footnote to the overall history of EM. Yet the understanding of the operation declined in parallel with the temperature of the drink in question. Roberto Blanco already knew it wouldn’t work without a little fun. Especially in times of many crises. Nevertheless, the break moment at the press conference, including in Bologna and singing, does not seem particularly happy. But we want to honor the chronology.

At the end of yesterday’s football day in Austria, there was only a 2-0 win against opponents who were generally considered to be the easiest draw in the European Championship group, which is by no means easy. A result to be happy about, of course, as it opened the door to the knockout stages at least a little. But it is far from complete to go through this door, it needs at least a draw with Norway, who lost 0: 8 to the hosts yesterday. Other results, also to be found in history, show that the emergence of this greatest failure of Norwegian women in their history can be confusing. The Scandinavians are two-time winners of the finals of the European Championship, and have also triumphed at the World Cups and the Olympic Games. With 11 European championships they also have much more experience than the Austrians. Face-to-face matches are unlikely to lighten the stats from a home perspective. Austria has faced opponents in the far north five times so far and so far it has not been enough to win. Finally: the last game in 2016 brought a 2-2 draw in Oslo. A result that would be enough to make progress on Friday. Previously, however, in four matches there were the same defeats, Austria did not score.

Now away from numbers games, towards action on the pitch. The short passing match against Northern Ireland worked well for the long stretches and the pressing situations were always successful. Apparently, however, it is also the case that the problem of Austrian football did not end with the women’s national team. The closer you got to the opponent’s penalty area, the weaker the Austrians’ game seemed. The assessment of the chances also left a lot to be desired. Problems that should make it difficult to achieve a positive result against Norway and to which everything should be analyzed and worked on in the coming days.

And since all good things come in threes, there is another topic that can be touched upon here. External representation. Before the tournament started, the size of the EM stage was emphasized many times. As such, women are also in the media – quite rightly – more in the spotlight. Now many may object that festivals have to be celebrated as they arise, but there is no other known case where a participating team celebrates a group win in such an exuberant manner as it would otherwise only do after winning titles, avoiding relegations, qualifications for international competitions etc. knows. It is also clear that if our women’s national team can get promoted on Friday, this comment could be dismissed as exaggeration, clinging and other metaphors. There would still be enough time to celebrate later or after an overall successful European Championship. A scenario that I, as an Austrian fan, absolutely wish for.

With the elimination with the Scandinavians, the PK crash would have the same meaning and the same pale aftertaste as breakfast coffee left for too long.

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