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Cheap euros make everyday life expensive

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Money: Collage SZ: Stefan Dimitrov

Collage SZ: Stefan Dimitrov

(Photo: Imago)

Currently, there is exactly one dollar for one euro. Easy to remember. However, this has serious consequences – for businesses, holidaymakers and consumers.


Harald Freiberger, Victor Gojdka, Stephan Radomsky, Sonja Salzburger and Markus Zydra

It found that at 11:39 am some stock traders just wanted to make a joke. The euro fell deep red on the screens of currency professionals throughout the morning. Every second traders stared at their computers, waiting for the moment when one euro would be worth only exactly one dollar. About 11.39 euros was worth exactly $ 1,0001 on professional financial computers. So the single currency was only ten thousand from the dollar. And he turned away.

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