SWR3 New Pop Festival 2022 with Malik Harris, Sam Ryder, Joy Crookes and Calum Scott

Malik Harris (2022) © Laura Becker

The SWR3 New Pop Festival 2022 in Baden-Baden will be held again from September 15-17 in the usual setting – that is, back in the theater. Altogether, there will be 11 exciting domestic and international newcomers.

After Baden-Baden proved in September 2021 that an event like the SWR3 New Pop Festival is also possible in a pandemic, the festival will return to its normal format in 2022.

The return of the theater

The main change for 2022 is the return of the theater. The small but extremely idyllic place fell victim to a pandemic in 2021 and was replaced by an open-air scene between the Kurhaus and the pump room. In 2022, the square in front of the Kurhaus will again be part of other stages of the event.

In addition to the 11 concerts, other important events will be announced.

Pop and unique at the opening

SWR3 New Pop Festival 2022 will start on Thursday with the German band ClockClock. The three guys from Speyer and Schifferstadt, who are now based in Mannheim, produce the best pop sounds like their first single “Sorry” which is played up and down on the radio.

After a special performance at the Festspielhaus, the British soul rocket Joy Crookes will play in the theater. A young British girl with roots in Ireland and Bangladesh released her first EP at 19 before finally making her international breakthrough with “When You Were Mine”.

Pop and Soul on Friday

German pop singer Myle from Ravensburg opens on Friday. He touches with soft, dance pop and his emotionally charged, personal songs.

This is followed by an absolute highlight in the form of British singer Sam Ryder. The powerful-vocal singer with flowing hair first wowed audiences with his hit “Tiny Riot” before finishing second in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with his hit “Space Man.”

With Lola Young’s arrival in the theater, music takes on a lot more soul. The young London singer was raised early on by talent makers who bolstered the careers of Amy Winehouse and Adele, among others. Her soulful, hoarse voice makes goose bumps, as does her hit song “Fake”.

Irish soul singer Moncrieff sums up Friday. His soft, melodic voice hits the listener right in the heart, as does his hit song “Warm”.

Variety of voices on Saturday

The German artist Leona opens the concert day once again. The pop singer from Chammünster not only inspired the audience with the song “Faded Love”, but most of all her hit “Remedy” became a really catchy radio tune.

Malik Harris also made a name for himself in 2022. The multi-instrumentalist represented Germany with his song “Rockstars” at ESC and has won a lot of sympathy since then.

Talking about a novice in the case of Ray Dalton is admittedly a bit difficult. He finally wrote the chorus for the 2011 single “Can * t Hold Us” for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. But now he brings his own songs to Baden-Baden, such as the hit single “In My Bones”.

It gets sweet in the theater when Scottish singer Bow Anderson performs. The pop singer, who already had a very strong live performance at Tempelhof Sounds in Berlin in June 2022, will inspire New Pop audiences with songs like her hit “20’s”.

The crowning achievement is the appearance of Calum Scott. Kurhaus will tremble as he raises his voice to his mega-hit “You Are the Reason”.

Order of tickets

Orders for all concerts in 2022, except the special one, can be ordered online via SWR3 until July 17. If there are more ticket requests than there are tickets available, the lottery will decide as usual.


Thursday, September 15, 2022: ClockClock (Kurhaus) / The Special (Festspielhaus) / Joy Crookes (Teatr)

Friday, September 16, 2022: Myle (Kurhaus) / Sam Ryder (Festspielhaus) / Lola Young (Teatr) / Moncrieff (Kurhaus)

Saturday, September 17, 2022: Leony (Festspielhaus) / Malik Harris (Kurhaus) / Ray Dalton (Festspielhaus) / Bow Anderson (Teatr) / Calum Scott (Kurhaus)

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