Sylt: Sansibar has its own store in Rantum – these products are available

The outlet is located in the municipality of Rantum on the North Sea island of Sylt, approximately six kilometers from the restaurant.
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Sansibar chef Herbert Seckler runs a shop and outlet in Rantum, Sylt.

They sell wine, food, oils and spices, clothes and gifts. In the store, however, the prices are not cheaper than in the Zanzibar online store.

Business Insider editor Christian Mayer looked around the store and was surprised at how many different Zanzibar items there are now, even a dog bowl.

Many people know the famous Sansibar restaurant in the middle of the dunes on the North Sea island of Sylt. Commodity products with eye-catching crossed sabers as logos are now available in almost every supermarket. The boss of Zanzibar, Herbert Seckler, managed to make the high-quality restaurant a brand beyond the island as well.

Most of the Zanzibar products are relatively expensive. But not everyone knows: in the Rantum municipality of Sylt, a good six kilometers from the proper restaurant, there is a store called “Depot Sansibar”, and in the same building there is a Sansibar outlet store, a kind of “factory store”. where Zanzibar products are sold slightly cheaper than usual.

But what exactly can you buy – and how much do Zanzibar products cost?

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Most of the prices do not differ from those on the Internet

Most of all, the variety of different categories in which the Zanzibar empire sells goods is striking. Wine, fashion, food, gifts – all these products can be bought, all these products are printed with the famous cross sabers.

For example, in an outlet store, I discover a Sansibar robe for € 99.95. Real leather Zanzibar flip-flops cost 49.95 euros. To my surprise, I found a bathrobe at the Sansibar online store for the same price – so you can’t expect particularly low prices at your local store.

I can no longer find flip-flops offered in the store on the official website, but on some third-party websites for 44.95 euros, which is even below the price at the Zanzibar outlet. It’s worth comparing.

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The food area offers typical gifts such as teas and sauces

Zanzibar Outlet offers typical culinary products as gifts. For example, Zanzibar tea comes in a variety of flavors, including with meadow herbs, caramel, Earl Gray, blueberries – 30 grams of tea in the store costs 5.49 euros, again the same as on the site.

There is currywurst sauce for 5.99 euros, honey mustard BBQ sauce for 6.49 euros. An outlet in Zanzibar sells half a liter of Western Sicily olive oil for 34 euros. I was especially surprised by the dog bowl and the corresponding bowl coaster with the Zanzibar logo printed on it.

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