Test phase: Meta launches NFT on Facebook | News

• Selected users can publish their NFT on Facebook as part of the test
• NFTs marked as Digital Collectables are displayed as images only and cannot be purchased via Facebook
• The test has been running for some time on Instagram – it will be possible to link the functions soon

Meta is testing NFT launch on Facebook

A Meta spokesman told TechCrunch the company has started a slow rollout that will enable a select group of developers in the United States to publish NFT on Facebook. According to the website, the feature was launched a week after CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook’s NFT support would be tested soon. However, in the context of this test, NFTs are not referred to as “non-convertible tokens” at all, but are referred to as “digital collectors” (originally: “digital collectors”). According to Business Insider, only ten developers will initially have the new feature. The works of art they have created can be posted on their profiles through an additional tab. Navdeep Singh, Technical Meta Program Manager, shows how it all looks on Twitter.


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So far, NFT can only be published as images

However, Facebook’s new NFT support continues to cause some confusion among developers. Jesse Smith, one of 10 lucky testers who can try the new feature, tells Business Insider that he doesn’t really understand the NFT Meta plans for Facebook yet. “It’s exciting, but I still don’t quite understand what it means because Facebook hasn’t shared what’s going to happen,” Smith said on the website. Basically publishing an NFT is no different than uploading a normal image. The only difference is when choosing a label as a digital collector’s item. However, the profile post only shows the NFT photo. There is no direct link to connect it to the OpenSea exchange for purchase. Therefore, after submitting, Smith decided to post the appropriate link in the comments section. The new option to link your own cryptocurrency wallet to your Facebook profile is apparently only intended to showcase your NFTs to the general public.

The link to Instagram is about to come

Before the launch of Facebook’s NFT support, a test of a very similar function was already taking place on Instagram. Selected users can share NFT on their profiles from May. According to Cryptonews, Instagram supports NFT minted on Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC) blockchains, with Solana (SOL) and Flow (FLOW) coming soon. “Compatible third-party wallets include Rainbow, MetaMask and Trust Wallet, with Coinbase Wallet, Dapper and Phantom coming soon,” writes Cryptonews on its website. There would be no charge for publishing or sharing digital collectors’ items. It is not yet known if all of this also applies to Facebook. However, for Instagram, it is still planned to bring NFT augmented reality to the story via Spark AR so that digital art can also be placed in physical spaces.

According to TechCrunch, when he announced the launch of Facebook NFT, Zuckerberg said the feature would be linked to Instagram and Facebook so that it could be published on both platforms. According to a company spokesman, the required exemption option has not yet been introduced. This feature will be available to users soon.

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