The City Library will soon be celebrating its 40th anniversary

The two-year pandemic has brought many things to a halt. It was different in the Ochsenfurt City Library. Assistant Library Manager Katharina Skunca and Library Assistant Irmgard Lang had surprisingly enough work to do. As the library was closed at times, they both started restructuring.

It was rearranged, rearranged, more sensible, so that especially children, but also adults, could find the books they were looking for faster. Kids are sorted by topic and age, so there are categories like animals, fun stuff, kids questions, science, technology, and thrillers. These, in turn, are intended for children from six years of age and children from nine years of age. This means that children can also search for books on the shelves on their own, discover new things and wonder what they would like to borrow.

Introduce children to reading

Children in particular should be introduced to reading and books. The City Library in Ochsenfurt cares about this in particular and therefore invests in new media. For example, a bear reading Sami or Toniebox. It is a soft radio cube with a digital core. There is a figurine attached and a radio is playing. Children love it as much as the reading Sami teddy bear, who lays down on a book and reads. This is how children deal with books.

Two ladies from the Ochsenfurt libraries did not take a break during the pandemic. Since the children often had to stay home, they needed something to do, and that was from the city library. Books for children were sought, but also CDs, DVDs, Nintendo Switch, and programs for learning math and German. For a change for kids, during the first four months of last year, several online reading episodes from “TINO” appeared on the homepage, which was a huge success. And despite the strict hygiene requirements, preschool children from Kleinochsenfurt and St. Thekla could get the long-awaited “library driver’s license”.

But the adults also did not miss the Ochsenfurter bibs. While reading the Internet, Jo van Nelsen read an excerpt from Hans Fallada’s novel “Little Man, What Now?”. It was especially interesting because the reading was accompanied by music from old shellac records. And there were even three live readings that could be done despite Corona’s requirements.

Pick up service “click and pick up”

The click-and-collect pickup service was laborious but very popular. Customers could order over the Internet or by phone, and reading bags were replenished by library staff. There were days when up to 20 bags were folded which was very time consuming. Staff had to select the desired books or media, which is usually done by the readers themselves. The bags were handed over without contact and Katharina Skunca says, “It worked out great and the people were happy.”

However, some people also avoid borrowing and therefore use streaming services more than usual.Luckily, in Ochsenfurt, anything is possible: Franken-Onleihe, using WLAN, internet places, ordering media and even interlibrary loan.

For several months, both ladies from the library have been supported by the intern Klara Mauder, from whom they feel a great relief. Because from March 2022 “Bücherbabies” will be guests again. Every last Friday of the month, from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm, moms, dads, grandmothers and grandparents can discover books, sing and play with children in the city library.

Reading café as a place of communication

But even now everything is still tidied up, tidy, shelves stocked and decorated, including the reading room, which is again a place of communication. The employees of the city library want to be prepared for the great anniversary that will be celebrated soon. In 1978, the city council decided to rebuild the old town hall for library purposes. Construction work was completed in the summer of 1982, and the relocation to the renovated building took place in August to celebrate its 40th anniversary in September.

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