The magic crystal we are looking for – a writing contest

Hissing Writing Contest Spring II 2022

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Tue July 12, 2022 at 10:14

writing competition

Once upon a time there was a family called the Verhext family with their six children Lio, Lia, Mike, Mila, Silas and Ella. Nia and Maro’s parents were witches. Together with their funny child witches, they lived in a hollow tree. This tree may look small from the outside, but it was huge inside. So the family had enough space to live in it. They even built a treehouse in the crown of a tree. Upon entering the tree’s front door, there was a red warning sign that read, “Warning, here whisk The witch’s children! So you had to be very careful. The children ran around the treehouse with their brooms, and also out and about throughout their witch’s world. They have mastered the rules of witches and perfect broomstick flying. Each child had their own room. The rooms were decorated quite animal-like because the family loved animals. In the bathroom, the shower did not look like a normal one, but like an elephant’s trunk. Not real of course, but one witch. Each child’s room had a specific theme, for example one room was “sea room” with lots of sea creatures, “forest room” with lots of forest animals or a room in the jungle. There were a lot of jungle animals. Each bed looked different too, colorful or animal-shaped. The family, of course, also had a lot of pets. They had three dogs, two cats, six rabbits, five guinea pigs, three birds, and many others do not like animals. But not only the animals were excited. They also did a lot of magic and liked to meet other witches. The enchanted family sat together at the dinner table while Lia and Lio talked about their topic and school homework. They talked about one Magic Crystalthat children should look for and find. Their father informed them that he and their mother must have searched for this magic crystal beforehand. The magic crystal would have many different colors: orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, red, purple, turquoise, gold, and silver. Witches also liked to call him a magic stone. The children were amazed that a crystal could look so beautiful. Of course, not all children have gone to witch school yet. Some were also at the witches kindergarten. There they learned a little how to use a magic wand. At school, children already had to do tests with a magic wand. If the children did not do well on the tests, they could not progress to the next grade. It was important to be prepared to use the wand. Lio, Lia and Mike exercised every day and had a good time. Mike was in first grade. Everyone has already passed there. Lia was in fourth grade and Lio in eighth. All children are looking forward to the next grade. “But now let’s move on to the magic crystal,” my father said. He told them that at the time he was in a group with three girls and three boys. It was kind of a contest. Whoever found the crystal first received a very special award. Of course, the other kids also got one because they were working hard. But not such a special price. It was the same with the children now. Here, too, the children were divided into groups. There were always six children, but only the fourth grade was allowed there. So unfortunately Mike has not yet been allowed to participate. The other two children, Lio and Lia, were able to attend and were really looking forward to it. Two days later it is time. The great thing was that Lio and Lia were in a group together. Lia was also in a group with her best friend Malina, and Lio was in a group with her best friend Lars. They were really looking forward to meeting the other kids. Two other children also participated in the group. Not all children had to participate, but Lia and Lio really wanted to be there. They were registered in the same group. They were in the group “Animals”. “It fits very well,” said the father. For several days they practiced in the gymnastics of the witch school. It made the children very happy. They also said this to school one reporter with red scooter it came. The reporter asked the children questions, but the children could also ask questions. For example, the reporter asked if the children were good at exercising and what kind of exercise they were doing. For example, the children asked if they had seen the magic crystal before, had participated in a competition as a child, and what was the name of their group. The reporter wanted to participate in the contest personally and write about it in the newspaper. There was also a daily newspaper in the witch’s world. It was also delivered Monday through Saturday. However, not from the postman, but from the owl. The owl, named Euletta, had a brilliant white fur and a yellow-orange beak. As a reward for distributing newspapers throughout the village, Euletta always got some bread or a drop of jam for breakfast. She was always very happy with it, and then had to move on quickly. The children were allowed to pet them every day. The next day the newspaper announced that the competition would start the next day and everyone should be there by 10.30am on time. Children should arrive at 10am so they can exercise one more round. After reading the newspaper, Lia flew with Lio to school. When she got there, Lia was very happy, but somehow she was also very excited. Mrs. Blume, their teacher, was already waiting for them with her beautiful flower broom and said, “Hello Lia and Lio, are you excited about tomorrow? We will make it, hopefully our team will win! night!” she laughed. The kids laughed too and replied, “Yes, we’re excited!” Schoolchildren ran to their classes. For the Olympics, or rather competitions, after school, children returned home and ate. Mike also said that school today was very exciting for them. They learned witches, and he could now write and read almost all witch letters. He cast a number of spells from the great book of witches with his wand. Of course, they also learned magic. “Are you excited too? Anyway, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you win. You trained so hard!” her father said in the evening. In the morning they woke up and were so excited that they felt butterflies in their stomach! They went straight downstairs, brushed their teeth and ate something. Dad said, “Have fun, we’ll come straight to the competition and watch you.” Three children ran to school, or rather flew to school with brooms for competition. The teacher shouted: “Hurry up to the gym, change your clothes, we will train for another half hour until the parents arrive. We will go through the competition again! ” She said to everyone again, “If you put the marbles in your head werewolves shoot you have to concentrate well, just like we practiced basketball! The children first had to throw three different colored balls through the mouth of the werewolf. It was like basketball, just alone. If each team did, they could go to the next one at the next station they had to run through the mud. Who was quick could go on. Of course, others too, but then they had to hurry. Then five rings had to be cast on the imitation of an elephant’s trunk. Who did that? “He could have continued. Now the students had to fish ten pearls out of the water. They could only use a reed leaf, but it had to be ten pearls, and those pearls were quite slippery! Then we went to the next station. It was a shoe station. you had to reach for the shoe If he bit it was the wrong shoe and they only had two tries out of four to find the right shoe After completing this station, the last player on the team had to dive through Dragonfly Lake and Witch Pool until he found the brightly colored Magic Crystal. Whoever found the crystal first had to run as fast as they could, appear and pass the crystal to the other children who were to place it in the designated place. There it started to glow and a blue gem appeared. Now it is time to move the blue gem through the WOMEN’S FOREST so that the werewolf didn’t notice you. Then they had to climb a stone rock wall with a blue gemstone and place it in the designated place to make it glow. The whole forest started to glow! After they had discussed everything, they could finally start. They were already at the start. “At your sign, get ready, go!” It was called and a loud bang was heard. Then everyone ran. The Red team was quite fast, closely followed by the Animals team. “Everything went really well. Then they reached the witches’ pond. The “Tierisch” team was still the best in diving. They dived and dived. Lio was the fastest diver. It was so dark there that he could hardly see anything. There And then an animal swam in his face. It was so scary. At a crucial moment, he found the crystal, took it, surfaced, and placed it on the template. Rico from the “Red” team had noticed him as well. He grabbed it and set it down as fast as he could. Suddenly, a jewel fell from both stones! Lio grabbed him and ran away. He came to the werewolf forest, put it down, and the jewel glowed. Lio happily made a half somersault. The team approached him and enthusiastically exclaimed, “You did well! Seriously! We won, Lio! The kids really enjoyed themselves. Of course, they were still happy that they could participate and won. The award ceremony was followed by a delicious meal. The children were given a colored medal that looked like a magic crystal. If you lifted it up to the sun, it would start to glow just as brightly as a magic crystal. A photo of their crew was taken. They all received the “Badge of Whispers” from the witch school. It was exceptional. It was to see on the badges “whistling girl” or “whistling boy” on a witch’s broomstick. The gold badge was for the fastest out of school. The six children on the “Tierisch” team received this badge and they were very happy! Everyone got a different wonderful animal, not a cuddly toy, but a really real animal. The animals could talk to them. Lia got a leopard and Lio got a snake. pl also the animals, the certificate and the giant lollipop. When they all returned home in the afternoon, Lio and Lia shared how excited they were and what adventures they had at the competition. They thought it was so great that they could even participate. “Their parents also told them that they did a great job. They were all very proud of the two. In a few years it will be the turn of the other four siblings and then they will be able to receive the Sause badge, just like Lio and Lia.”
Then the children went to Lia’s kindergarten and played with the animals they had been given. They were now her protectors and companions. They were so happy with their magical animals.

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