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by Ralf Gohlke .a

July 11, 2022

  • The children were happy to present their parents and grandparents with a wonderful inauguration program. Director of photography, Ralf Gohlke
  • Parents, grandparents, siblings and guests of honor were excited about the demonstrations.
  • “Welcome to our home” sang the sun group.

Dieterskirchen.Shortly after Pentecost 2020, the new Ortisei Kindergarten was handed over as intended. At the time, however, Corona prevented the commissioning from being properly celebrated. Now it has been made up for: with a small ceremony and a great “open day”.

“Welcome to our home, all large and small,” sang the children to put themselves in the mood. The kindergarten manager Anette Zwack opened the official part and was happy that “she was finally able to open the door to present our house”. It gives space for even better pedagogical work. The kindergarten is currently run with two regular groups and a nursery group with twelve places.

Nice contribution from children

The youngest of the “sun group” joined her greeting. Her song thanked the sun for “the warmth, light and glow on her face.” A group from the “country of caterpillars” was invited to the circus. The children were delighted with tightrope walkers, butterfly dancing, horse and magic show, hula hoops and funny clowns. Later, “the inhabitants of the robbers’ cave” presented the Bremen musicians and the “morning robber sport in the forest”.

Former mayor Hans Graßl recalled an important decision regarding the new building. His thanks went to, among others to Anna Roßkopf, day care specialist at the County Youth Welfare Office, and to the specialist departments of the Upper Palatinate Government. The same was true for Ulrike Lehmann from the administrative community and Alfons Richthammer from the construction site. The decision in favor of a wooden structure was made not only because of its durability and the possibility of quick use.

Graßl did not fail to mention that due to the quick decision-making process, the tender could take place before the arrival of inflation. Thanks to the involvement of the staff, it was possible to optimize the working conditions. The latter supported all interim measures without complaint, he said.

The calculated costs were underestimated

“The wooden structure should promote quick use by eliminating drying time,” emphasized architect Michael Steidl. It was not planned that the flooding of all things would delay the opening. He briefly touched upon the detailed decisions to be made by the commune council. Ultimately, construction could be completed in about three months. He thanked all the companies involved, especially the carpenter Bauer, who produced the wooden elements. The calculated construction costs of around 1.4 million euros can be reduced by 5,000 euros despite the high-quality workmanship.

Mayor Anita Forster stated that the most beautiful building is useless without children and committed people filling it with life and caring for it. This is confirmed by the commune’s commitment to very good family conditions. Thanks to the very good support of the government, the implementation was possible. Thanks to a personal contribution of EUR 300,000 from the municipal treasury to the new building, all necessary reconstructions in the nursery area, shelter, fire reports, new large storage room and new outdoor facilities, the implementation could take place.

Thanks to deserving people

By pointing to the need for the right staff to care for children and to promote their talent, she paved the way for awards. They mainly went to CEO Anette Zwack and nanny Eva Singer, who had run the company for over 31 years. She also honored Evelin Fischer, Michaela, Janette Toma, Tanja Hubatsch and Nicole Wunsch. There were also flowers for Margit Walbrun as a KiGa bus driver and cleaner, and for Christina Böhm as a bus employee. Finally, I would like to thank the parents’ association for organizing and local companies for equipping the lottery. Pastor Markus Urban and Gerhard Beck took over the blessing of the house before the guests could devote themselves to the accompanying program.

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