The new MMO focuses on economics, politics, and construction

Kreuzer, Krone & Kabale is the name of a new MMO game developed by the German independent studio Magni Games. The emphasis is on economics, construction and politics. According to their own statements, the band took inspiration from RTS Frostpunk and the classic The Guild. At MeinMMO, we spoke to Christian Brümmer (cover photo) from Magni Games.

What is the game about? Kreuzer, Krone & Kabale is about business, politics and intrigue. You build your own settlement, trade with players and fulfill orders for the counts. They are the NPCs that control parts of the game world.

  • You start out as a small trader in the settlement. Over time, you will climb up to the governor’s seat over and over again. From now on, you can also optically rebuild your settlement.
  • You perform tasks for your count, but they can also be unpleasant. So you should sabotage other players, but it’s completely optional. However, those who fail to do so may lose their reputation as a count. This reputation should be an important currency.
  • It is a strategic MMO game, mainly menu-controlled. However, according to Christian Brümmer, they should be much better constructed and offer fewer small-scale elements than in competing games.
  • All players of Kreuzer, Krone and Kabale are in the same world. You can explore this world using a 3D map, as well as visit other players’ settlements.
  • There will be guilds where you will play together and complete bigger tasks.
  • Trading will be possible with other players, but also in the settlement itself in the markets.
  • There should be no silver ball. Every decision you make should have different consequences.

The game is not implemented in the browser, but in a separate client. The release is planned for Steam, Android and iOS, with cross-platform play. The console version is also not excluded.

This trailer gives you a first glimpse into:

3 people are working on a new MMO Free2Play in which fans can have a say

Who is behind the game? Magni Games is a German independent studio based in Braunschweig. Currently, three people are currently working on the MMO, for which the idea was born in 2021. In a developer diary, they took a look behind the scenes (via YouTube).

How is the game financed? The MMO is to appear as a Free2Play title and be funded by in-store cosmetics. For example, you can buy other building designs or your own coat of arms. On the other hand, Pay2Win is not used.

When should it appear? A prototype should be ready by the end of 2022, which will then be tested with many players. An investor or publisher is also wanted and Kreuzer, Krone & Kabale are to be completed anyway.

Player feedback is especially important to the developers. They should have a say in the development of the game. Christian Brümmer revealed that the position of the counts could also be taken by players in the future should they choose to do so.

Are there problems with the international name? The easiest way to shorten Kreuzer, Krone & Kabale is to KKK. But because it’s a problematic acronym, especially in America, the game is called International Coins, Crown & Cabal (CCC).

Germany loves development and economic games

What makes MMORPG interesting for German gamers? German players like construction and economic games. There is a reason why such titles as Die Siedler and Anno are very popular in Germany. However, browser games such as The Tribes and Grepolis by InnoGames are also very popular.

Our GameStar colleagues even refer to strategy games as “the German genre” (via GameStar). It is therefore appropriate that Kreuzer, Krone & Kabale be realized by a German studio and of course also published in German.

Do you like the idea of ​​an MMO? Or maybe you don’t know anything about strategy games? Feel free to write this in the comments.

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