The Quarry now has an online co-op mode, and it’s really cool – only one thing bothers you

If the wolf pack mode were only implemented a little more consistently, it would be a lot more exciting.

At the time of its premiere, the only way to get to know the new interactive horror Supermassive with friends was co-op on the couch. In this game, we take turns controlling the playable characters in a classic way. Online Multiplayer was also added on July 8 – and its concept differs from both Dark Pictures and local interaction.

In the new “Wolf Pack” mode in The Quarry, we can vote on decisions and play QuickTime events together, instead of taking turns. I was wondering if this is cool and I cannot give a definite answer as it depends a lot on the behavior of the host.

This is how we start our joint adventure

Our team quickly featured a small, tried and tested troupe of teenagers. The four testers: Annika, Dennis, Stephan, and I headed back to Hackett’s Quarry.

In the menu, we can choose the wolf pack mode. If you want to act as the host, you just start a new game there while others search for an existing game and jump into the adventure.

This is the only way to start the game together: For this, anyone who wants to be there must own the game on the same generation of consoles, in our case it was PS5. Unfortunately, there is no crossplay option, so not from PS4 to PS5.

However, joining the game after starting the game is already working. To get new entrants everyone has to go back to the menu – which isn’t a big deal as the game saves a lot and when we came back we were almost sent back to the same place where we left the game.

The host behind the wheel: Once everyone is in the game, the host himself controls the characters in sequences that allow us to explore the surroundings. For example, in the first chapter, our host Dennis controls Laura as he walks through the woods where he can find a tarot card and clues to later events.

The QuickTime event has passed

This is where Laura jumps, because half of us have the right QuickTime button.

Missed QuickTime event

Here, two misses in the top five as most have failed at QuickTime.

However, the rest of us cannot back downbecause when the action begins, Laura runs away and QuickTimes is needed, at least half of us have to enter the correct data. Otherwise, the young woman will hit the tree first. Especially when inexperienced players are involved, this should provide additional excitement. The fact that you can see who pressed correctly and who did not add to the pressure. However, QuickTime events in The Quarry are very simple.

We can also tell Dennis which angles he should take a closer look at with Laura by marking them with the cursor. Anyone can then see who placed the marker. In our case, however, this was not necessary as we were connected at a party and were using voice chat. But as a result, we often drowned out the dialogue. If you want to avoid this, the cursor is a practical tool. Incidentally, you cannot spam it because it has a cooldown.

Samara Summer

Samara played all the adventures of Supermassive horror. Her favorite is and will remain until dawn. The quarry is only slightly behind for them. This time, she especially liked the characters and how their relationships develop. However, the ending and the too easy difficulty level eventually pushed the game to second place. She played the game once in co-op on the couch, checked out movie mode, and now for an online multiplayer column.

This is how voting works

In addition to QuickTimes, each of us can get involved in the story, at least if the host allows it. More on that later. When there are decisions to be made, everyone makes their own choice, such as whether Laura reads her boyfriend Max, that she rebels first because he is lost, or should he encourage him. It shows what percentage of us chose both. You can also see who picked what.

The host has a permanent veto power: We really like this idea. We have all played this game at least once and we know what the outcome of some decisions is. Therefore, there is no big discussion. If we were new to the game, there would surely be heated debates about how best to get through your teens.

Here, the host, indicated by the wolf's head, decides against the group, the majority of which wanted to take the hammer.

Here, the host, indicated by the wolf’s head, decides against the group, the majority of which wanted to take the hammer.

Only one thing hinders the realization of these votes: The host can choose only after all of us, but he can overrule all of us. If Annika, Stephan and I want to be rude to Max, Dennis might just veto it and be nice (Dennis’s note: Of course I would never do that … * sinister laugh). It’s a pity because everyone except Dennis only has the pseudo-right to vote, which removes a lot of tension from the decisions made.

We would be much better off if there were a normal majority of votes. By itself, the new co-op concept is quite suitable for this type of game. Character control that only one person takes is only a small part of the game anyway, and the fact that everyone can take part in QuickTimes and make decisions makes for fun if – depending on the size of the group – there are chaotic discussions. If only it was possible to remove the host’s power. So the whole thing is only funny when the person with veto power sticks to what other people say.

If you want to know more about the game in general, check out Annika’s review.

Have you already checked out the wolf pack mode or are you going to? What do you think about this concept?

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