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On Sunday, the second round will decide who will become the new mayor of Landau. In the first vote, the two candidates from the CDU and the SPD shared less than 328 votes.

Both candidates differ not only in the color of the party. Maximilian Ingenthron of the SPD has been a member of the city council since 1989, and has been the city’s mayor since 2016. Dominik Geißler, whose parents’ home is in Gleisweiler in the southern Palatinate, spent his political career in Berlin until the end of last year – and was pulled off his hat by the CDU as an unexpected candidate in Landau.

Landau: These are the two runners-up contenders

Dominik Geißler was born in Stuttgart in 1963 and studied politics and music. He is the son of the late CDU politician Heiner Geißler. In recent years, the CDU politician has held various positions in federal ministries. Most recently, until the change of government in December 2021, he held a managerial position in the Federal Ministry of Economy headed by the CDU.

Candidate for mayor of Landau Dominik Geißler (CDU).


Maximilian Ingenthron was born in Landau in 1968 and studied history. Since 1989, he has been a member of the Landau City Council at the SPD. The SPD politician has been the mayor of the Landau city council since 2016 and as head of department he is responsible for the department of schools, culture and sports, the adult education center, the social welfare office, and garbage collection and commercial activities.

Maximilian Ingenthron (photo: SWR)

Landau mayor candidate Maximilian Ingenthron (SPD).


Ingenthron and Geißler want to score points for these topics

Both candidates detail their ideas, demands and promises on their websites. A lot of things sound similar, especially when it comes to climate protection. But while the CDU candidate Geißler emphasizes the idea of ​​civic participation, the SPD candidate Ingenthron wants to integrate more social aspects into his policy and has citizens in mind with little money. Among other things, two want it:

The candidate of SPD Ingenthron wants to establish a municipal housing cooperative. In terms of mobility, among other things, he wants fewer lights and more zones of 30 km / h on the streets. It also promises an annual ticket for 365 euros for public transport. Ingenthron demands that the mayor’s offices in urban villages be preserved. And it wants to introduce the Landau Pass, which will combine offers for people with low incomes.

The CDU candidate Geißler wants to increase citizen participation and give local councils in the villages of Landau more powers. In order to solve its housing problems, Landau demands that the city create affordable housing by building and remaining owner of the apartment. In terms of mobility, Geißler wants to create central parking lots and parking terraces in the city center, and continuous cycle paths from the city center to the neighborhoods.


Town Hall in Landau (photo: SWR)

In the Sunday elections for the mayor of Landau, no candidate won the required majority. The CDU candidate Dominik Geißler won the most votes ahead of Maximilian Ingenthron (SPD). The second round will take place on July 17.


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Landau: That could decide the second round

The decisive factor will probably be how nearly 5,000 will vote. Landau residents who voted for Lukas Hartmann’s Green Party candidate in the first vote. The CDU, the Greens and the FDP, forming a coalition in the Landau city council, supported the CDU candidate Geissler.

Both candidates are trying to approach the green electorate on social networks before the second round. CDU politician Geißler emphasized in the film that he wants to work for a climate-friendly city in which everyone would like to live in the future. SPD politician Ingenthron said he wanted to put sustainable development in the foreground.

What will happen after the second round on July 17?

The official term of office of the new mayor begins on January 1, 2023. Thereafter, the still-in-office mayor, Thomas Hirsch (CDU), will leave office and assume the position of president of the Rhineland-Palatinate savings banks.

However, the city administration has already announced that there are topics to be prepared after the second round of elections in consultation with the newly elected mayor. These included future projects to be implemented in the city center, Ostpark and Horst, the resumption of municipal marketing with federal and state subsidies, and several renewable energy projects.

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