Tickets, prices and concerts in Gelsenkirchen and Berlin

Performances in Gelsenkirchen and Berlin
What you need to know about Rolling Stones concerts in Germany

The Rolling Stones come to Germany on their European tour. Although they have already made stops in Munich, they still perform in Gelsenkirchen and Berlin. Are there any concert tickets yet? And who will replace the late Charlie Watts?

The Rolling Stones are organizing a European tour this summer with fourteen shows at stadiums in ten countries. The band also makes three stops in Germany. While the Rolling Stones successfully completed their performance in Munich despite the storm, the concerts in Gelsenkirchen and Berlin are still ahead of us. Originally, the band only wanted to perform in these two cities. At the end of June, however, they announced on their Twitter account that they would end their European tour with an additional concert in Berlin’s Waldbühne.

The title of the band’s 60th European tour is simply “Sixty”. Are tickets still available for concerts in Gelsenkirchen and Berlin? And who is playing in the place of the late drummer Charlie Watts? We’ve gathered information about the Rolling Stones European Tour.

When and where are the Stones playing in Germany?

The European tour started on June 1st with a concert in Madrid. Then on Whitsun, June 5, we went directly to the Olympic Stadium in Munich. The second performance in Germany will take place on Wednesday, July 27, at Veltins Arena Gelsenkirchen. The tour doesn’t end on July 31st in Stockholm as planned, but with an additional concert on the day August 3 in Berlin’s Waldbühne.

Are there still tickets for a concert in Gelsenkirchen?

Yes. Tickets for both interior and tier seats in the various categories are still available for sale on Eventim tickets. However, standing places are no longer available. While interior seats cost over € 500, tier seats vary from around € 125 to € 240.

Are tickets still available for an additional concert in Berlin?

no Tickets for the concert in Berlin are no longer available from the Eventim ticket sale.

Why do the Stones have a special relationship with the Waldbühne?

The band made their debut at Berlin’s Waldbühne in 1965 – three years after the first concert. During the performance on the forest stage, there were riots: the fans broke the fences, the band fled the stage. They performed there twice more, in 1982 and 2014, and now The Stones will play again on August 3, 2022 at the end of the “SIXTY” tour in Berlin’s Waldbühne.

Who is behind the drums?

This is the first European tour since the death of drummer Charlie Watts – he died on August 24, 2021 at the age of 80. His place behind the drums was taken by Steve Jordan on his recent US tour. Watts personally recommended his friend Jordan’s team when he was having health issues. It is rumored that the 57-year-old will continue to play drums for the Stones in the future. Changing the drum kit at least has an advantage for Keith Richards. “Working with Steve Jordan somehow brought new energy and joy to life.” Now you want to see “what else can we do with the new cast.” There is a lot in the works. “

What can fans expect for the anniversary?

As expected on the anniversary of such a band, the Stones will give their fans a Sixty tour with a set list full of classics such as “Gimme Shelter”, “Paint It Black”, “Jumpin ‘Jack Flash”, “Tumbling Dice”, “(I can’t) Satysfakcja ”,“ Start Me Up ”and many others. But it wouldn’t be a real Rolling Stones concert if there were no musical surprises every night. Also this time, a selection of unexpected titles from the band’s inexhaustible arsenal of songs will find their place.

And as always with the Stones, there will be a new concert tour complete with a huge stage and spectacular lighting and video. Also new is the Sixty Tour Rolling Stones language, designed by award-winning British designer Mark Norton.

Will there be a new Stones album?

The new Rolling Stones studio album is also not out of the question. The last so far “Blue & Lonesome” was released in 2016 and contained only covers of blues songs. The group’s musical career also began with blues and rock’n’roll standards.

Will the band retire after the tour?

Even after Charlie Watts’ death, fans don’t have to worry that the eternal rock band will end. “Do you want to put money on it?” quipped Keith Richards. “I don’t see the Rolling Stones ever stopping.”

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