Weather in Allgäu today (July 11) and 7-day forecast for Kempten, Füssen, Oberstdorf, Kaufbeuren, Memmingen – Current Allgäu news

The Allgäu is facing its first heatwave in 2022. The 7-day forecast shows when the weather in the Allgäu will bring the hottest day and when it will be possible to cool down.

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11/07/2022 | Status: 08:41

Also in Allgäu Summer really starts – it gets a little warmer every day. The high will ensure summer weather in the region in the new week. From today, on Monday, it will be a little warmer every day – the forecast is well over 30 degrees for the coming weekend.

The weather in the Allgäu is gearing up for a weekend heatwave

While the temperatures in most places in the Allgäu are still pleasant at 22 to 25 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, they reach Kempten and on Wednesday, for example memmingen probably already 30 degrees. And that’s not all.

Thursday also remains hot. Thunderstorms are possible on Friday. But on the weekend the temperatures will rise above 30 degrees again. Things should get even hotter at the start of the coming week – forecasts are 33 to 35 degrees for the Allgäu.

7-day forecast: Weather from Memmingen, Kaufbeuren to Kempten and Oberstdorf

What is the weather going to be like? OberstdorfKempten, in Memmingen et al Kaufbeuren in the following days? Here’s the 7-day weather for the Allgäu:

  • Monday July 11: There will be plenty of sunshine in the Allgäu on Monday and temperatures of up to 24 degrees.
  • Tuesday July 12: The Allgäu will also remain dry and sunny on Tuesday. The maximum values ​​are 25 degrees.
  • Wednesday 13 July: From Wednesday onwards, temperatures will increase: with 16 hours of sunshine, up to 30 degrees in Memmingen and up to 29 degrees in Oberstdorf.
  • Thursday, July 14: It remains hot – almost all of the Allgäu have to get used to temperatures around 30 degrees.
  • Friday, July 15: It’s hot on Friday with 27 degrees and more. According to the first forecasts, it is likely to rain in the mountains.
  • Saturday, July 16: 15 hours of sunshine in the Allgäu – and temperatures around 30 degrees promise a hot weekend.
  • Sunday, July 17: Up to 33 degrees in the Allgäu.
  • Monday, July 18: No coolness in sight: The new week also starts with temperatures around 33 degrees in the Allgäu. On Wednesday, the thermometer may have dropped below 30 degrees again.

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