Ahr Valley Flood: One Year Later

Many of us certainly still have images in our heads. Torn-out houses, water everywhere. The flooding in the Ahr River Valley has cost lives of many people, caused tens of billions of damage, and has stolen their homes. What conclusions have been drawn from this, what changes have already been made and what is the state of the construction works?

The flood caused serious damage and devastation in the Ahr river valley (example photo).

Photo: panthermedia.net/kotafoty

Already on July 11, 2021, the German Weather Service (DWD) announced that exceptionally heavy rainfall is expected in the Ahr Valley region. Reports continued to escalate over the next three days. And then, on July 14, came a predicted heavy rain. It came out on a scale that was difficult to understand. The summit was reached on the night of July 15: water masses tore entire houses, and people fled to the rooftops. The rescuers came in helicopters. The next morning it became clear what drama had happened in the valley the night before. The rescue operation was hampered not only by the fact that access to the region was almost impossible, but also by a completely broken mobile network.

A careless homicide? Preparatory proceedings against the staroste after the flood disaster

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