Brändi Dog can now also be played online – is it cool?


Brändi Dog can now also be played online – but is it fun?

With the digital version, the Brändi Foundation in Kriens wants the popular board and card game to be better known internationally. We tested the online implementation.

Jassen, Chess, Carcassonne: Many classic games have had digital versions for years. Now the Brändi Foundation, based in Kriens, is proceeding as follows: From the beginning of the week their popular board game “Brändi Dog” is also officially available to play online. The dog can be compared to “don’t worry.” However, the movements of the colored balls on the wooden board are not determined by the dice but by the cards played.

This is what Brändi Dog looks like.

Image: PD

The game is made in Sursee by people with disabilities. The foundation advertises that buyers promote professional, social and cultural integration. Production has been going on for over 25 years.

The Foundation wants to reach an international audience

The online version was developed by the digital agency Codevelop from Zurich. “We have been approached several times in the past with the digital version of the dog,” says Thomas Menz, Head of Work and Integration at the Brändi Foundation. So far, proposals have always been rejected. “We thought Brändi Dog required physical interaction.” But everything went well with this project. Additionally, the creators identify with the foundation’s philosophy.

“We’d rather work together than compete.”

Brändi Dog Online can be played for free and without advertising in a web browser. It is possible that the game will eventually be redeemed with advertising. However, the purpose of the digital release is much more to raise awareness of the board game. “We were in the right place at the right time 25 years ago with ‘Brändi Dog’, explains Menz.

“Our game is still selling very well, but the Gauss curve will be surpassed at some point.”

In other words, sales will go down eventually. According to Menz, one of the possible strategies would then be to open up the international market even more. An online game that users can access from all over the world is there to help.

This is what «Brändi Dog Online» looks like.

This is what «Brändi Dog Online» looks like.

Photo: PD / Brändi Foundation

Accessing the game in the browser is simple. All you need to do is register with your e-mail address. On the home screen, it’s a good idea to first check the handy guide in the top right corner. Because there are variations with the Dog; for example, in Canadian, you can also use card 7 to move your partner’s balls. In addition, there are special rules for games with two, three or five players.

The ranking already includes 600 users

The developers attach great importance to accessibility: the user interface is clean and simple, and accessibility is to be constantly improved. The game itself is fluid and fast: the time limit prevents you from dragging your moves forever. Communication is limited: only ready-made text messages and emoticons can be exchanged.

The rules of “Brändi Dog” were simply explained.

Video: Brändi Foundation

The world ranking shows around 600 users, represented by the dog’s profile pictures. If you’re looking for a game, you don’t always find a four-player game right away. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on it: you can also invoke private games in your circle of friends.

The quick play feature led the developer to play two-player games, all of which he miserably lost. Nevertheless, the digital version does the job: it makes you want to take the wooden board out of the game cabinet again.

An application for smartphones is also planned. When this will be published, it is still unclear. “We will now see how the game is perceived digitally,” says Thomas Menz. Of course, it is hoped that the browser version will become viral.

“If demand explodes, we cannot increase production indefinitely because games are made by people with disabilities.”


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