Here’s what the Neustadt kids holiday club has to offer

A colorful practical program was prepared for Neustadt boys and girls during the summer holidays. From pizza raids and creative gatherings, to stand-up paddling, to tours and open-air cinema, there’s plenty to offer.

The forester Andreas Arnold made the Forest Olympics in the Neustadt children’s holiday club extremely interesting and informative on the program for several years.

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There is no need to be bored during the holidays. Also due to the numerous events of the St. Georg Neustadt. This year’s motto: “Be active – be there – be creative”. The events are held in cooperation with the district youth council. All children can participate. More information on the individual events can be found in the program brochure, which is available from the various shops and banks in Neustadt.

The program can also be viewed in digital form on the parish website. In order to provide the children with many exciting Christmas experiences, many helping hands are helping again this year. Simone Scherb and Tanja Kippes are responsible for the program. Here’s what’s planned:

  • Tuesday August 2: Punch and Judy show. A donkey from Greece goes to farmer Jammernicht in Edeldorf. A turbulent story in which the thief Hotzenplotz, Troglauer Franz, the magician Spitznase and the witch Krümelzahn are there when Kasperl tries to solve the case together with Seppl, father Ambrosius von St. Felix and the policeman Dimpflmater.
  • Wednesday, August 3: Bible afternoon for children in the open air
  • Friday August 5: Pizza rally. Explore and learn interesting pizza facts at the various stations and prepare both the pizza and the pizza box yourself.
  • Saturday, August 6: Open-air cinema in Hausfluss. Movie 1: Finding Nemo; Movie 2: “If You Were King – Arthurian Legend”
  • Monday, August 8: “On the trail of bees.” Follow the honey suppliers from Neustadt to Störnstein.
  • Tuesday, August 9: “The power of flowers.” Create your own hippie look thanks to the batik technique.
  • Wednesday 10 August: “Belantis Freizeitpark Leipzig”. Fun for the whole family. Fancy adventure worlds, roller coasters and shows? Then you’ve come to the right place at the largest amusement park in central Germany.
  • Thursday August 11: The charming greyhound. Make your creative work of art with foam rubber in three different sizes and favorite colors.
  • Saturday, August 14: City Children’s Day at the recreation center from
  • Tuesday, August 16: Bouldering in good shape in Regensburg. Gain experience in a training session with a trained trainer, then apply it in “Boulderwelt” Regensburg.
  • Wednesday, August 17: Creating Fimo means photos, notebooks and notes
  • Thursday 18 August: Minigolf Tournament in Mantel. You compete in your age group and try to get one of the first places.
  • Monday, August 22: “Work in the woods then and now”. Explore the urban forest with the forester and people from the corporate forest.
  • Tuesday August 23: Using stencils and acrylic paint on canvas or fabric; design your own door sign or photo or bag / pillowcase.
  • Wednesday, August 24: Get creative with paint and brush. Let your imagination run wild and create your own masterpiece.
  • Saturday, August 27: Make a garden peg out of wooden elements. Under supervision, you make several wooden elements, sand and paint the bodies, and then mount them on a metal stick to form a decorative cork.
  • Monday, August 29: Stand-up rowing on Gaisweiher. Everyone who has tried it will love it – this is your chance: summer sports with SUP.
  • Tuesday, August 30: “Good shot and thrust”. With helpers from the Eichenlaub shooting club and friends of curling, you will experience two activities this afternoon. On the one hand you can prove your eagle’s eye and steady hand by firing a light weapon, on the other hand you can shoot “sharp” staves in the curling club grounds.
  • Thursday September 1: Untreusee climbing park and labyrinth.
    Dare to enter the maze – the crazy maze of Germany. Test yourself and climb different routes of varying difficulty.
  • Saturday, September 3: Do you like music, do you like to dance or do you want to learn it? Then take part in a dance workshop.
  • Tuesday, September 6: “Decorative board with a mosaic”. Design your peel board with mosaic stones and slate inscriptions, and after the workshop, take your own decorative board home with you.
  • Wednesday, September 7: Creativity with the sewing machine. Course 1: Get a Sewing Machine License! Course 2: Under supervision, you will sew a cozy cushion to your neck, which is sometimes also called the “reading bone”.
  • Thursday 8 September: Everything related to herbs and herbs.
    Become a detective in search of herbs. Learn the interesting facts about herbs in a little herbalism, then process the herbs into little delicacies.
  • Friday 9 September: “Games Without Borders”. Test your skills at different stations.


This is how registration for a children’s holiday club works

  • When? Email registration from July 9, 2022.
    under the kifec[at]parish community-Neustadt[dot]en
  • What? The e-mail should include the following information: 1. # of the event, 2. surname, first name of the child / children, 3. age, 4. address, 5. emergency telephone number during the event, 6. consent to publish a photo of the child in the Campaign in the daily press “Oberpfalzmedien”.
  • Information? On the home page www.

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