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Six weeks of summer holidays ahead of Lower Saxony: Laura Venz, a recreation researcher from Lüneburg, shows how you can start your holiday calmly and relax longer.

Vacation suitcases have been dusted, trip plans have been stacked at home – and suddenly it gets hectic again. Many of you are probably familiar with this feeling: stress builds up a few days before vacation. Since there are still unfinished tasks on the desk, actually three loads of laundry still need to be washed at home, plus: a week after the holidays everything returns to the previous state anyway. The good news: it doesn’t have to be that way!

Holidays are important and necessary

For anyone who might feel guilty about whether a vacation makes sense at all in these times: Yes, we can go on vacation and enjoy our vacation because we always need time to relax, as Laura, industrial and organizational psychologist from Lüneburg, says Venz. Holidays as a “break away” from everyday life are important to recharge our batteries so that we can start our daily life with renewed energy. “It won’t help anyone if we all sit at home sad and unfreshed.” However, it does not have to be a two-week vacation, a long weekend can also bring relaxation.

Is a beach vacation the only relaxing vacation?

Good news for anyone who’s bored after an hour in the sand or in a sun lounger: there is no such thing as a relaxing holiday. The point is not to think about work if possible, says Venz. Some people find it helps to lie on the beach, while others are best off when going mountaineering or learning something new – such as on a language trip. Volunteering while on vacation can also be relaxing for the individual, says the researcher. Because the person experiences something beyond normal daily work. But it’s important: “Find out what’s really good for you, what you want,” says Venz. And then we should no longer allow ourselves to be persuaded to do so.


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The last and first day at the office

The last e-mails have yet to be processed and the team informed of the upcoming tasks, after which we go home, pack our bags – we start tomorrow morning. This is how a stressful start to your vacation is programmed. “We are much more exhausted on the day we go on vacation than the week before. It doesn’t help, ”said Venz. So we need more time to recover. If possible, you should also prepare your vacation at work so that you do not have to make up a huge mountain just before the vacation. In addition, it must be prevented that the mountain of work continues to rise during the holidays. This is why:

  • Create an out-of-office notification in your email program
  • Clearly name your contacts and representatives
  • Leave the message out of the office – if possible – two to three days longer than actually necessary. This leaves you more time to reply to incoming e-mails. After returning to the office, we can start a little more relaxed. So the holidays are a little longer.

Don’t think about working while on vacation – actually

Turn off, relax, and don’t think about work – that’s what holidays are all about. It doesn’t matter if we stay home or leave. The Vanz recreation researcher recommends:

  • There is no room for everything resembling work in the living room at home. Especially for anyone who works in a home office, this means: take your laptop off the kitchen table.
  • Do not enter the study
  • Remove your work email program from your smartphone, or at least remove it from the start screen.

But there are also exceptions, says the recreation researcher. If not checking e-mails is more stressful for us, it is better to check e-mails and answer them once a day – at fixed times. But only if it is done without external pressure. But important: everyone needs time without work.

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Let yourself drift

This one mountain still has to be climbed, a highly rated exhibition visited and a successful surf course completed? Checklists on vacation can stress us out. “We should spend our time on vacation and let our souls dangle instead of ticking off,” advises Venz.

Holidays with children

For example, finding a hotel with babysitting services can be helpful. “Getting away from it all is also relaxing for the kids. Students also need rest. “

A few short trips or a long vacation?

Rest only once a year – it doesn’t work. Of course, a long vacation of the year is fine and makes sense for many destinations, says Venz. But we still need to create recreational opportunities in everyday life. They can also be weekends or after work. “They don’t just charge their phones once a year.”

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