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Layla catches your ear the first time you hear it and stays there. The song follows the tradition of the best hit – four catchy chords and a simple chorus that you can sing along to after the eighth beer. You don’t have to be a fan of Ballermann’s style to recognize that despite its apparent primitiveness, it is quite cleverly calculated and well-made.

According to the old motto “There is no such thing as bad press”, the musicians responsible for “Layla” “DJ Robin und Schürze” should open one or the other bottle of champagne (well, probably more like beer), because you get so much free advertising Rare. The best marketing agency in the world couldn’t have done it smarter. The YouTube video for Layla had roughly 2 million views at the beginning of the week, and today it’s almost 4 million views. Thank you, city of Würzburg!

Layla: Würzburg bans, Düsseldorf is following in their footsteps – why?

The current debate is not about the catchy melody of the song, but the lyrics. The old man “tells” the singer (also a popular pop trick) about Layla. The old man says, “I have a brothel and my brothel mom’s name is Layla, she’s prettier, younger, more horny, la-la-la-la-la-la-la-Layla.” Then there’s: “Beautiful Layla, horny Layla, female dog Layla, our Layla”. And that was it. It’s “sexism” that kindles the temperament, a sexism so bad that the song obviously has to be banned immediately. One has to allow the question: is it still possible?

Layla: Listen to the controversial song on Amazon and form your own opinion

Anyone looking to ban something like this would probably want to ban the offensive words “Puff”, “Puffmama”, “geil” and “Luder” at the same time. I don’t even want to start with hip-hop and gangster rap here because we couldn’t get over their ban. When the city of Würzburg in August 2021 “Donauli” banned at city festivals and events – a song singing praises of rape – it was a completely different activity and, in my opinion, justified in every way. In the case of “Layla”, you shoot even more above the target.

“You don’t have to like hit lyrics. You may even find them stupid or tasteless. But I think officially banning them is one too many, “Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann, 44, wrote on Twitter Tuesday night after it was revealed that” Layla “could no longer be played at the Würzburg folklore festival Kiliani. I’m not a fan of “Layla” or Marco Buschmann, but at this point I just have to agree with him. Bad: Other cities are following, Düsseldorf announced today that it also wants to ban the song at the upcoming “Greatest Fair on the Rhine”. “I think this song is everywhere – just not in our area,” says Lothar Inden of St. Sebastianus, the organizer of the fair. Well – Dusseldorf stop …

“People have heard the ‘restricted scandal'”

DJ Robin, who presents the song with his vocal partner Schürze with a mischievous wink in the accompanying music video, cannot understand the excitement: there is no sexism in the song. “People used to sing” scandal in the restricted area “or” we’re going to a brothel in Barcelona, ​​”said the quoted man The Bild newspaper.

The word “earlier” is not completely meaningless at this point. Maybe “Layla” is a bit outdated. And maybe that’s why the song is so successful. At the beginning I wrote that the song was “cleverly calculated” and of course there is a bit of a provocation to it, a bit of “can you do something like that today?” And yes, I think you can and should. If you don’t like it, you don’t need to hear it. But doesn’t that open the door to sexism in Germany? no. Doesn’t that encourage bad people to do bad things? no But does youth brutalize? no

Let’s be honest: this society has completely different problems. But the young people who dance on the tables at twelve o’clock after eight in Ballermann (or at the Kiliani folk festival?) Might say a little “la-la-la-la-la-la-la”. – Layla ”together, right? They usually have nothing to laugh at these days.

Let them have fun.

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