More electricity from Lusatia: Leag applies for a special permit for the Jänschwalde power station

More electricity from Lusatia

Leag is applying for a special permit for the Jänschwalde power station

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The Bundestag has already paved the way for reactivating the old coal-fired power plants – now Leag has also applied for a special permit for Jänschwalde. This is necessary because the bricks do not meet current standards.

The operator of the opencast mine and power plant Leag has applied for a special permit to operate two units at the Jänschwalde power plant. The Brandenburg Environment Authority confirmed this rbb on Tuesday evening.

With a special permit, Leag wants to ensure that two blocks of the power plant, units E and F, can be put back into operation. They are now still in reserve and were originally intended to be fully decommissioned this or next year.

However, the Bundestag decided last week that the coal-fired power plants in reserve should restart. This is to save natural gas which is still used for electricity production.

Leag does not meet environmental standards

Even before the adoption of the relevant law, the League was pushing through changes to the bill. In doing so, the company wanted to ensure that less stringent emission guidelines apply to blocks E and F. However, the relevant amendment was not included in the bill.

Consequently, it was initially unclear whether the two blocks of the Jänschwalde power plant could be restarted. However, when asked by rbb, the Federal Ministry of Economy explained that the Länder may issue special permits in accordance with the emission law. The corresponding request of the League was submitted on Tuesday.

According to the environmental protection agency, Legia’s application must now be qualified. This means that the company still has to submit a number of documents and evidence.

Even before the law was passed, Leag declared that he wanted to hire about 100 additional employees to operate the power plant’s units. The federal government wants to pass a new ordinance on Wednesday. This is to ensure the legal certainty of restarting old power plants and power plant units.

It is still unknown when exactly the two blocks in Jänschwalde will start. According to the law, hard coal-fired power plants are to be initially put into operation. However, in late autumn or winter the Lusatian lignite-fired power plant could be fully operational again.

Broadcast: Antenne Brandenburg, July 13, 2022 at 8:30 am

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