Municipal works Haßloch – a strong economic locomotive

I hate the hole. Gemeindewerke Haßloch GmbH (GWH) has stood for safety and reliability for over 100 years. Thanks to network experts and many years of experience, the municipal utilities based at Gottlieb-Duttenhöfer-Straße 27 are always on site with their customers and ensure security of energy supply through network monitoring and maintenance.

Much more than just an electricity supplier

The municipal plant in Haßloch provides electricity, natural gas, water and heat, and also provides professional sewage disposal from the home. Environmental protection and sustainable development are major concerns. The energy supplier supplies its private and commercial customers with over 30 million kilowatt hours per year and – according to the climate debate – from climate-neutral green electricity certified by TÜV-Nord.

Independent laboratory analyzes also repeatedly confirm the excellent quality of drinking water. GWH supplies this clearly very good water to its customers in Hassloch and Iggelheim.
The certified TSM technical safety management seal confirms the highest level of security of supply for municipal plants.
Thanks to the “solar at home” offer, GWH offers its customers the possibility of generating their own electricity, storing it and using it exactly when it is needed. In this way, the company ensures that future generations will also be supplied with energy in a reliable, environmentally friendly and affordable way.

Badepark Haßloch is also an important institution in a large village. In a location at Lachener Weg 175, the family heart-shaped swimming pool offers its big and young guests the joy of bathing and much more throughout the year. The operators are GW Hassloch.

The municipal utilities in Haßloch strengthen the labor market and the local economy.
Gemeindewerke Haßloch GmbH has been supporting local clubs, social institutions and cultural projects for many years, in line with the motto: “From Haßloch. For Haßloch ”. As a local company and an important economic factor, GWH provides jobs and training positions in the municipality of Haßloch and strengthens craftsmen and suppliers in the region with its orders.

– From Hassloch. For Hassloch. For all residents of Haßloch who are customers of Gemeindewerke Haßloch GmbH, this is not just a saying, but a reality that we live by every day.

Municipal utilities are also extremely valuable as actors in the local energy transition as, with an increasingly greener, reliable supply of water, heat, gas and electricity, they not only make a big contribution to the Hassloch people as suppliers, but also ensure that the economy in Hassloch thrives. , and energy development in Germany becomes more environmentally friendly.

Supplier as an economic locomotive

The municipal works in Haßloch have gained the position of “economic engine” in Haßloch thanks to many years of promotion and support of the local economy. Part of the income from electricity, natural gas, heat and drinking water remains in Hassloch and the region.

In many ways, the municipal companies in Haßloch act as a kind of economic engine as the company creates jobs and training, acts as an engine for innovation, promotes climate protection and much more.

Investments made by utilities in the maintenance, expansion and maintenance of natural gas, drinking water and power networks amount to several million euros per year. In this way, GWH creates a high level of security of supply for all residents of Hassloch. The general public benefits from this obligation. And companies from various industries from orders placed with them.

In addition, municipal utilities create 256 direct and indirect jobs in Hassloch and the region.

Gemeindewerke Haßloch GmbH has many faces

climate protection
GWH supplies private and commercial customers in Hassloch with 100% green electricity. In the atmosphere, this saves over 14,000 tons of CO2 per year. In addition, GWH is planning photovoltaic systems in Haßloch under the “daheim solar” program and provides sufficient charging infrastructure for e-mobility.

culture promoter
Municipal institutions support schools, kindergartens and nurseries on site. Local clubs are also backed by betting sponsorships, donations and campaigns. The common good in Haßloch is important to GWH – and people notice it every day.

In addition to the € 2.3 million that the municipal utilities pay to all employees annually in wages, the utilities also contribute to balanced budgets with taxes on trade, sales and other taxes and a positive annual financial statement. In Hassloch, in the state and in the federal government.

Hassloch’s municipal utilities are fully committed to sustainability. More than EUR 3 million has already been invested in the region in renewable wind, water and solar energy projects. GWH is like no other symbol of regional environmental and climate protection.

More than 250 jobs in Haßloch depend directly or indirectly on the economic strength of the municipal companies. Thus, all customers contribute to increased productivity in Hassloch by paying the GWH bill. The money does not go anywhere, it stays in the local community.

Thanks to the customer service center in Haßloch, the municipal works are always close by as a reliable partner. Particularly important for the Managing Director, dr. Frank Burau is an exchange with customers to always be able to serve an attractive range of products and services. GWH is the right contact for questions about electricity tariffs, future-proof energy supplies, electromobility and much more.

Further information and contact:

Municipal works Hassloch GmbH
Gottlieb-Duttenhöfer-Str. 27
67454 Hassloch
Telephone 06324 5994-0

Opening hours:
Monday: 7.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m., 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Tuesday: 8.30am – 12.30pm, 2pm – 4pm
Wednesday: 8.30 – 12.30, 14.00 – 16.00
Thursday: 8.30am – 12.30pm, 2pm – 5.30pm
Friday: 8.30am – 12.30pm
as well as with personal consent


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