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Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis play as lovers whose hair is tangled while on vacation in the relationship drama Happiest Season. Despite its best cast and great charm, the movie has so far been lost in Germany.

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It is almost half a year until Christmas, but today is a small holiday for all lovers of Christmas. Next One of the best films of 2020 is now available on Netflix – “The Happiest Season”, which has unfortunately been lost in this country so far. with Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis as lovers. The romantic drama was the cinematic victim of the crown pandemic:

Originally planned as a motion picture, Sony Pictures sold it to the Hulu streaming service in the US in 2020. In Germany, on the other hand, it was made available as a paid and rented stream in a short time and without promotion. In 2021, the premiere of the haptic home theater appeared in Germany – unfortunately only on DVD and again without the appropriate advertising fanfare. With the launch of Netflix’s Happiest Season, it finally gains the ability to reach more audiences.

The “happiest season”: when love wavers at Christmas

The Christmas whore Abby Holland (Kristen Stewart) has been dating Harper Caldwell (Mackenzie Davis), who loves the holidays for about a year. On a whim, the two decide to celebrate together this year – with the Harper family. However, while driving, Harper confesses to her friend that she has yet to leave for her family. Therefore, he asks Abby to pretend only to be friends when visiting …

From this starting point, director and screenwriter Clea DuVall and author Mary Holland enchantingly weave an emotionally complex story. All characters have their flaws, but everyone manages to charm with charisma and wit. On the one hand, this is due to the production and script that builds the festive mood, which fully takes into account the conflicts described, but at the same time entertains with lively, brilliant dialogues. Above all, however, due to the excellent cast: for example, Victor Garber and Mary Steenburgen as blunt heads of families cause frustration in a blunt and credible way.

In this award-winning film, Christmas by Kristen Stewart is pure horror – although it’s not horror!

But at the same time, despite the ignorance of their characters, they often radiate a feeling of bliss. Meanwhile, Alison Brie and Mary Holland both have contagiously flickering joys playing as the Beast and Sister Harper, respectively. On the other hand, Dan Levy, as Abby’s clumsy best friend, is a spoiled scene thief. And Aubrey Plaza is a ticking time bomb as Harper was pointless, though it turns out she’s an unexpectedly forgiving confidante to Abby. Already it’s of course Mackenzie Davis and Kristen Stewart, who shine the brightest here: they have such great chemistry that it’s best to wish the couple all the best from start to finish.

But the stress of the holiday season, Harper’s timid confession, and Abby’s understandable, fun, but also decidedly harsh way of dealing with it raise doubts as to what “best” would ever be. In this way, “Happy Season” achieves what only a few controversial films accomplish: you can properly understand all sides of this argument – some a little more, some a little less – without the movie appearing backbone. This romance has a heart, wit, and perspective, and it works well outside of the Advent seasonwhere we are more open to colorful fairy-tale lights anyway.

Also today new to Netflix

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