Out in nature: fun outdoors with a learning effect for children from holiday games

ch Bad Laasphe / Puderbach. The children of the holiday games in Bad Laasphe have now responded to the famous “W-Questions” in their own unique way. “Water, forest and hiking trails” can therefore be the motto under which participants have learned about the attractive nature in and around Lahnstadt over the last few days.

Comes with backpack, survey and pencil

For example, the local history club in Puderbach organized an exciting fairy tale rally with children. The fairy-tale trail, which was created two years ago on the ideas of Elke Marczoch, with more and more fairy tales, and which is known far beyond the borders of Puderbach, is now very popular among young and old. excited and join us on a path full of magic and spells ”is always the saying when inviting the home club. That’s why 16 kids between the ages of five and ten literally wanted to be charmed on the spot. Equipped with backpacks, polls and pencils, they plunged into the world of Grimm’s fairy tales. Within three hours, you had to answer ten questions about seventeen fairy tales presented on the fairy-tale trail. The summer fun group took a short break at each fairy tale character and looked closely at the picture on it. The content of each story was told by children. If the fairy tale were not so well known, the president of the local historical association would help. Sometimes tricky questions were always answered quickly. Halfway through the tour, fairy-tale hunters were able to fortify themselves the rest of the way with pretzels, cheese and lemonade. During the break, members of the local history association and with the active support of Mareike Schäfer, president of the youth center, presented them the fairy tale “The Bremen Town Musicians”. At the end of the rally, each child received a certificate and a button with a fairy-tale path symbol for their successful participation.

Barefoot across the Laasphe River

The experience of the forest was the main theme of the event “Forest with all senses – forest education day”, to which Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen invited as part of Christmas games. Under the guidance of forestry educator Peter Honig, there was a short round of presentations at the Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen office, including a photo shoot, before we set off into the countryside. The children were allowed to search for “Wanderweg.L4” using the existing tags. Destination: A small water point in Laasphetal, known as “Ringelpool”. Along the way, animals, trees and plants were identified and a “Who am I?” Game was played. In this game, children were given postcards with animals stuck to their backs and had to find out what animal they represented by asking smart questions. On the way to the finish line, the children took off their shoes and stockings and walked barefoot across the Laasphe River. Objects that did not belong to nature, such as soda cans, were searched along the shore and made into small game. The winner was the one who discovered the most items. When they finally reached the Ringelpool, they were allowed to eat a snack they had brought with them before the children could identify the animals in Laasphe using nets and magnifying cups. They did it with enthusiasm so as not to neglect the pedagogical effect of this offer.

It was action-packed and vigorous as part of the DLRG event

It begins with the fight against the water bomb

The action-packed and different “terrain” was then continued as part of the “Water & Water Games” event. 19 girls and boys came to Bad Laaspher Wabach-Bad to take part in the DLRG offer. After the “getting to know each other” group in which each child had to catch a water ball to briefly introduce themselves with their name, age and school class, a passionate water bomb fight began. It not only aroused enthusiasm among the children, but also the fact that everyone was given a water ball as a gift, which could be inflated and taken into the water. In the water body itself, a catch game was first conducted to loosen it up, in which one group should swim from one side of the pool to the other and the other group should try as catchers to prevent them from doing so by ‘high-five’. Then the fun really started: the event ended with water competitions such as “ring dives”, scuba diving competitions and “ass bombing competitions”. But despite all the joy of bathing: during all the activities, the group of holiday games always tried not to disturb other bathers.

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