Philips AquaTrio 9000: Clean with this wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a lot of fun

There is a lot of housework in the household. Apart from washing, dishes and rubbish, there are perhaps two tasks that most of us like to postpone: cleaning windows and cleaning the floor. Philips has now made sure that I enjoy doing the latter quite a bit. I would like to introduce you to the new AquaTrio 9000.

The modular 3-in-1 device was officially presented in July and is now being replaced at the first sellers. It is not entirely cheap, the suggested retail price is 849.99 euros, for this price you can order directly from the manufacturer or from Saturn. Amazon has already listed the AquaTrio 9000 for € 766, but no specific delivery time is specified here.

For the money, however, you also get two devices: a wet vacuum cleaner with a wipe function and a conventional dry vacuum cleaner. Both devices only have a common motor that can be easily removed at the push of a button and connected to a second vacuum cleaner. Of course, that puts the price in perspective a little. In this test report, I want to tell you how both devices are performing in their respective disciplines.

Packaging with a bit of plastic and easy assembly

First of all, unpacking. There are no big obstacles or surprises here, individual parts can be assembled quickly, and in case of doubt, it is helpful to read the instruction manual. I only have one wish for Philips: it could use a little less plastic. Virtually every single part is packed in its own bag.

Both vacuum cleaners are parked on a fairly large base station that you don’t necessarily have to place in the middle of the living room. It almost fits our utility room. The slightly lighter dry vacuum cleaner can also be set up using an additional small wall holder, where it is quickly at hand. Great if you just want to dust off the crumbs after breakfast.

There is one of my few criticisms of the base station: it’s not a charging station. The charging cable must be manually connected to the motor unit. This is the next step after almost every use, and of course there were times when the battery was not charged but was empty.

Philips AquaTrio 9000 provides a delightful effect when wiping

But what the Philips AquaTrio 9000 can do is impressive. Especially if you have not used a wet vacuum cleaner before. It has two separate fresh and dirty water tanks, and clean water can be topped up with cleaning agent if needed. But even with the water alone, the cleaning performance was really good.

This is ensured by two brushes that rotate in opposite directions at speeds of up to 4500 revolutions per minute. Thanks to this, you clean not only with the forward movement, but also backward movement. And no matter what is on the tiles, laminate or parquet: AquaTrio draws it in. Even with a real mess like a cola spilled, yogurt or ketchup, none of this is a problem. I even consider using the Philips AquaTrio the next time our cat …

But saying it and erasing it is only half the battle. At least as impressive is the self-cleaning feature on the base station. It is activated by pressing a button and runs for four minutes. The brushes rotate at full speed for a short time to prevent dirt from getting caught in them. And it actually works very, very well. Only a few long hairs need to be removed by hand, otherwise the brushes are absolutely clean after cleaning.

Philips AquaTrio has only minor weaknesses when it comes to wet dirt directly on furniture. Dust and particles are not a problem, but otherwise there is an edge of about half a centimeter that a wet vacuum cleaner does not wipe perfectly. On the other hand, it has an advantage over the competition that is much more common in my daily life: it can wipe extremely flat. I can even go under our bed, which is 22.5 centimeters high.

No doubt: I’ve never had so much fun wiping. And what was once reluctantly done once a month can now be done twice a week in minutes. And when you pour the dirty water down the toilet afterwards, you are really surprised how you lived before.


A dry vacuum cleaner also makes a good figure

If you only need to clean a few crumbs, a sofa or a carpet, the AquaTrio motor can be connected to a dry vacuum cleaner in just a few simple steps. In addition to the normal floor nozzle, the dry vacuum cleaner can also be used with the mini turbo suction brush and crevice nozzle.

Here too the Philips vacuum cleaner 9000 series does its job. From my point of view, it does not come close to the top models of the competition in dry mode, but for a Dyson V15 you would pay an additional 700-800 euros.

In short: in cases where you do not use a wet vacuum cleaner, this 3-in-1 dry vacuum cleaner does an absolutely satisfactory job. Just emptying the dust container is a bit of a hassle as you have to disassemble the motor for this. It worked better with the previous SpeedPro model.

And battery life? The lithium-ion battery allows for 25 minutes of work on the standard level with the suction and mopping module and 45 minutes with the vacuum attachment (25 minutes in turbo mode). The operating time can be doubled with the optionally available replaceable battery.

Two soothers that actually make everyday life easier

My wife used to say: You could wipe again. A request I was almost afraid of. And even if a few small things such as charging can still be improved: With the Philips AquaTrio 9000, wiping becomes child’s play. I am really pleased and impressed with this device. The rather high MSRP puts you off a bit at first – but don’t forget that you get two complete cordless vacuum cleaners in addition to the motor.

Philips AGD XW9383 / 01, Wet and dry vacuum cleaner, black

Philips AGD XW9383 / 01, Wet and dry vacuum cleaner, black

  • For complete hygienic cleaning. The vacuum and mop system removes dust, dirt, stains and bacteria from hard floors in just one …
  • Self-cleaning mechanical brushes: Two ultra-soft microfiber mechanical brushes rotate in opposite directions at 4500 rpm.

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