PUBG Mobile presents Blackpink Virtual Concert and Update 2.1

As part of the new update 2.1, PUBG Mobile brings the world-famous K-pop girl band Blackpink to the game for an exclusive virtual concert called The Virtual.

PUBG Mobile will release the new version 2.1 on July 13, bringing the virtual world of Blackpink’s k-pop sensation in The Virtual, a fan experience like no other and the first ever PUBG MOBILE concert in the game. In addition to these unprecedented performances, BLACKPINK will be releasing a special song and music video this month on PUBG Mobile.

Update 2.1 will also add a new themed game mode Ancient Secret: Rise, as well as new content from Cycle 3, Season 7 and Month 13 of the Royale Pass month, and much more.

This month, the world-famous k-pop band Blackpink returns to PUBG Mobile for an epic and long-awaited time. Having worked with the game in the past, Blackpink is ready to take it to the next level by performing at PUBG Mobile’s first ever gig. Blackpink and PUBG Mobile fans are making history together.

Fans have two amazing opportunities to see Blackpink perform some of their popular hits and see their idols at this groundbreaking in-game event. The event will take place on July 22-23 and July 29-30 in the Americas, and July 23-24 and July 30-31 in the rest of the world.

In 2020, Blackpink celebrated the premiere of “The Album” in collaboration – one of the game’s most successful partnerships to date. Now PUBG Mobile is looking to accelerate even further, unveiling a legendary and dazzling collaboration that will provide an absolutely unique experience for players and Blinks around the world.

Fans will receive a true Blackpink experience not only at the concert, but also when they are given the official outfits that the group will wear during the show. The glamorous costumes worn by Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa will be available from July 23 to August 31, and will make players shine on the battlefield.

Players can claim their free in-game tickets starting July 15 and download the Concert Resource Pack the next day. This is required to attend the concert. As of July 19, players are responsible for bringing Blackpink Energy to PUBG Mobile. When players give in-game artists, promotional materials appear – the more gifts split up, the more promotional materials. There are also special rewards available every day, from just logging in to completing themed challenges.

But not only previous Blackpink songs are presented. A special song and a new music video specially created in collaboration with PUBG Mobile, in-game and on all social media channels, will be released soon. A real audiovisual spectacle. More information to follow.

Vincent Wang, head of PUBG Mobile Publishing at Tencent Games, said: “PUBG Mobile is proud to partner with Blackpink once again as we continue to deepen the relationship between their music and our game. Our first in-game concert will be a landmark event. It will extend the ever-evolving world of PUBG Mobile while providing the stage for a Blackpink return that will be remembered for many years to come. We are very excited to usher in a new era of battle royale – an experience not to be missed! ”

YG Entertainment says: “It’s very rewarding to host an in-game concert as a second collaboration between Blackpink and PUBG Mobile, the ultimate battle royale mobile game. We also hope it will enable artists and fans to interact more closely and across borders and language barriers. ‘ Types of entertainment to provide fans with a unique and interesting experience. We can all enjoy different aspects of Blackpink that are different from the real world.

The bright lights will soon be replaced by dusty sandstorms in the Ancient Secret: Rise-themed game mode now available for play. Players will find themed maps in ranked mode in Erangel, Miramar or Livik and experience a grim sandstorm zone that is randomly selected at the start of each match. However, brave players who enter the game will be rewarded with Scarab ornaments that will allow them to return to the game once per game after losing.

Players can also walk the Moving Sands Path to enter the Imperial Temple, carry the sand giant there, and jump into an ancient secret to discover the pharaoh’s loot. The environment can be searched, and fighting an ancient enemy offers primal water. This allows players to replenish all their health and energy.

Several scarab and jackal ruins are scattered across the battlefield. Solving their puzzles or defeating a mummified guard will reward the player with valuable supply crates. There are also desert traders whose incredibly reduced goods can be purchased at random locations on the map. And finally, there are scorpion crates filled with supplies hidden everywhere.

PUBG Mobile’s 2.1 update also introduces Cycle 3, Season 7, with a new set of legendary items, a new Seasonal Bonus Card and Ranking Protection Card, allowing players to earn extra points from matches and protect their current Seasonal Leaderboard. Players using Ancient Mystery: Arise can also complete themed story missions to unlock new special titles.

New Player Content is available as part of Month 13 of Royale Pass: Exo-Genesis. It starts on July 19 and includes awards such as new finishes for the Mini14 and M762. This time around, players can also exchange their Wingman Finish for a Moments card at a 90% discount, complete missions to buy RP points at a discounted price when they reach RP Rank 50, and receive a free 60 UC Coupon.

Many other improvements will come with the update, including visual improvements, UI improvements, and more. PUBG Mobile Update 2.1 is now available and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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