Super Soaker and Fortnite Squirt Gun: Fun Water Games

Wet is Fun: Super Soaker and Slide for Prime Day: Buy cheap cool water features today

Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 1:55 PM

The sun is burning from the sky, sweat is pouring down even when lying down – now refreshment! We’re going to introduce you to the coolest water guns, super humidifiers and water features that are still available on Prime Day today – so hurry up!

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Ice cream refreshes quickly and helps with the summer heat. The refreshment takes much longer if you treat yourself to a plush game with water. Playing with water guns, such as the Super Soaker, is great fun for both children and adults – the set includes a cooling option.

Super Soaker: Traditional water guns

Probably the most famous brand of spray guns is Super water absorptionwhich has been distributed by Hasbro for several years. There are many models in excellent quality and some huge water tanks. There are also Super Soakers for all ages. While the younger ones play with small spray guns, for older players there are also large Super Soakers that pour liters of water on opponents.

If you want to play with the whole family, you don’t have to reach into your pocket right away. The Super Soaker Splash Mouth water gun with two spray modes is currently available as the main offer for around 7 euros. According to the manufacturer, the models are suitable for children from 6 years of age and older. Also tanks have a reasonable size of 0.5 l.

Do you need more power? Then you should check Take a closer look at the Super Soaker Barracuda you the water tank holds one liter. Within seconds, the entire amount of water is poured onto other players. This gives you a decisive advantage in the fight against bitter water as this blaster provides double fire. Incidentally, the spray guns are very durable. Even years later, they still promise drunk fun. Barracuda is for Prime Day currently for 10.99 euros to have.

It is an ideal solution for particularly hot days Super Soaker FreezeFire 2.0. Clou: Ice Cube Technology – opening the tank with FreezeFire is much larger than with regular water guns. So you can pack ice cubes in the water tank and shoot the icy load of water – screaming enemies as a sign of a hit are inevitable.

More cheap water guns

Other manufacturers also regularly release cool models. According to the manufacturer, the water gun from the Mozooson store fires at a distance of about eight to ten meters. But what’s special about it is something else. Light is installed here for greater accuracy at dusk.

The big birthday is approaching, does the whole family want to start a water fight in the garden? Then it’s best to bet on cheap, but balanced Spray gun kits. For around 15 euros, you can currently buy six small tooth-shaped foam guns in four different colors on Prime Day. If there are fewer players, you can even go into battle with two spray guns per person. Thanks to the handy size and low weight, it is also possible for smaller children without any problems.

Sure: for 15 euros, don’t expect the best quality and the water guns probably won’t last a lifetime. But they are perfect for a water party.

Water slides and more: unarmed fun

Don’t you feel like fighting the water? Or maybe this one? inflatable rainbow from Victop? With a discounted price of 60 euros, it’s still not a bargain – but you are guaranteed to be the king of all the kids (and young at heart) in the area. After all, the colored bow, when inflated, is about 2.50 meters high. Just connect the garden hose to the product and the water will be sprayed to the bottom of the rainbow.

water slides they are always fun, but there is often no place for that in the garden. No problem: Many manufacturers are developing fun water slides that are easy to install and remove in any garden. An example is CLIspeed water slide for children. It offers a sliding surface of approximately five meters. Made of thickened PVC material, this slide is wear-resistant and durable and comes with pegs that make the slide stable. Connect the hose and the water will shoot through the small holes.

Observe the correct water pressure: If too much water comes out of the holes, they may burst. If there is not enough water, the slide is not wet enough and sliding on the slide can cause pain.

Water games: refreshing fun guaranteed

It is very popular nowadays A game of throwing cacti for around 15 euros. The cactus set includes eight inflatable rings that players take turns throwing at the inflatable cactus. The player with the most rings around the cactus wins.

It’s nicer in Spin Master Soggy Dog down. It exists on Amazon currently for 29 euros, even without the Prime Day discount. The main goal of the game is Soggy Doggy, a small plush dog, who is sitting in the bathtub and wants to take a shower. The players roll the dice and move around Soggy Doggy on a circular pitch. If a player lands on a square with a paw, he must pump the water through the shower. So the dog gets wetter and wetter. If the queue ends in a square with a bone, turn on the tap. If the player is lucky, nothing happens. But sometimes Soggy Doggy gets too wet and shakes – the contestant not only gets wet, but also has to get back to the grid. A simple game rule that can be mastered by children from 4 years of age.

It does not matter which variant you choose: playing with water guarantees a lot of fun in the hot summer. Whether you are young or old, big or small, girl or boy – these games make everyone really get their money.

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