The millionth performance of Rheinkirmes without the party song “Layla”

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The millionth performance of Rheinkirmes without the party song “Layla”

After the folklore festival in Würzburg, the big fair in Düsseldorf also banned the party hit “Layla”. The organizer – a traditional shooting club – is appalled by the content of the song. Not everyone agrees.

Rheinkirmes without “Layla”: The controversial party song that currently tops the charts should not be played at the Düsseldorf trade fair starting on Friday. With an expected four million visitors, it is one of the largest folklore festivals in Germany. The decision was made by the head of the St. Sebastian, who traditionally organizes the fair.

“I think this song belongs everywhere – except in our area,” said Schützen boss Lothar Inden of the German Press Agency. The Equal Opportunities Office of the City of Düsseldorf spoke earlier with the organizers about “Layla”.

After shooters promised the song should be banned in party tents and rides, the city saw no reason to ban, according to a spokeswoman. However, the administration also saw no “legal basis”. The city’s ban was “neither planned nor desirable,” the Equal Opportunity Officer stressed Wednesday.

Fair DJ Marc Pesch (47) is not enthusiastic about this decision. He is a DJ at the “Mallorca Party” at the opening of the fair: “After all, the song is number 1 in Germany and people rightly expect it,” he says. Pesch sees himself as a DJ with the dilemma: “It’s like soccer if you aren’t allowed to score.”

There are worse DJs from Mallorca with much worse lyrics, says Pesch: “In contrast,” Layla “is a song for the consecration of a church.

Trade fair organizer Thomas König explains that the shooting club ban applies to a shooting tent and that showmen were only advised not to play the song. He admits that it is not entirely clear to him personally why an example of this work should be made. “Gangster rap is much more misogynistic. My kids said I was crazy.

Meanwhile, showmen and beer tent operators collaborated on “Layla”: “It’s not on our program anyway”, “It doesn’t fit our musical concept at all”, “We can live with it” to “We want to be able to come back”, they said on Wednesday asked.

Schützen boss Inden told dpa that he had not known the song before and then took care of the content. The text in no way corresponds to the customs of his traditional club.

In the hit Ballermann DJ Robin & Schürze, which is currently number 1 on the German charts, we read, among others: “I have a brothel and my brothel mom’s name is Layla. She is prettier, younger, more horny (…) Beautiful Layla, horny Layla. This female dog Layla, our Layla (…). “

At the beginning of the week it turned out that “Layla” could not be played at the folklore festival in Würzburg Kiliani at the instigation of the city. The Düsseldorf trade fair kicks off this Friday after a two-year pandemic break with more than 20 novelties. Four million people are expected by July 24.

Also included is the worldwide novelty “The Escape”, which spins passengers around different axes but is supposed to be surprisingly gentle on the stomach. Showmen are also aware of supply chain problems: “We waited until the last minute with some electronic components,” reported operator Lutz Köhrmann.

Amsterdam’s Remco Kriek is visiting Rheinkirmes for the first time with his 62-meter giant propeller-driven Gladiator roof: “We’ve been applying for years. The Rheinwiese is the most beautiful thing you can have. For showmen, it’s the best nine days in the world. I expect all hell to break loose. People really missed the fairs. ”

Meanwhile, the funfair DJ Pesch comes up with an idea how to avoid the “Layla” dilemma. He wants to play an instrumental version of a party hit.

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