This is what the 4 elements say about you

1st element: fire

The fire signs are: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

They have three fire signs Red colour. Typical personality traits of the fire element include for example Passion, desire for freedom, willpower and energy. Fireborn are the best brave, impulsive and i like it spontaneous to be. They are easy to inspire and predestined to occupy leadership positions at work because of their willpower. Fire signs like to go beyond their borderstheir fellow men can too animate a good mood and they like to spread a positive mood. Therefore, the fire element has no problems with approaching other people friendly near. Lovers of passion in Aries, Sagittarius and Leo, and even sublime enthusiasm, are no strangers to the element of fire. I engagement in all walks of life also makes it the most energetic all components. When the patience of the fire signs is tested, they should be careful not to become irritable.

Second element: earth

The earth signs are: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

Earth signs have green color. Typical personality traits Earthitems include for example down to earth, ambitionreliability and responsibilityandbe sst Appreciate these people stability and routine and they are always hers duties deliberately. Sometimes even called stubborn, Earth-born always have … stable base in life. The earth is ruled by the zodiac signs Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo: they all prefer to be in realitythan in their imaginations. This element is especially craving security. Because they are so disciplined, they can be trusted to do the hard things, and their friends can do it always trust Nevertheless, earthly signs have to be careful not to approach decisions too cerebral, but also to them hunch listen – even the bull wants to let go!

3rd element: air

Air signs are: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Air signs have yellow color. Typical personality traits Airitems are for example Reason, Communicationflexibility and variability. Born of air, like the air around us, they are elusive. They stand out flourishing imagination and that is why one often finds himself daydreaming. The element is air artistic and social predisposed to intelligent and diplomatic. If you need someone good find compromises you are in the right place for airline signs. By the way, the element of air likes to get to the bottom of things! Communicative and interpersonal pierces all other elements. Despite her sociability However, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius do not get separated from time to time withdraw and spend time with me.

Fourth element: water

Watermarks are: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Have a watermark blue color. Typical personality traits With wateritems count for example empathy, sensitivity, empathy and close. In a cosmic interpretation, the blue element symbolizes this Intuition and healing. Watermarks enjoy their well-being and their uniqueness sensitivity. It makes the water very soulful Element. They are helpful and always offer an arm for those around the other elements to cry. love and romance are very important to the aquatic signs of the zodiac – they love to devote themselves intensely to their emotions. However, the Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces watermarks fit them well as well mood swings neighborhood. At the same time, those born in water must be careful about them good nature not used for evil purposes.

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This is how the elements of the zodiac influence your essence

What mean so the elements for Your personality and how are you affected by fire, earth, air or water? According to ancient theories, four elements are formed the basis of our universe. This means that every living thing on our planet has its share all four elements it carries in itself. Moreover The doctrine of the elementsthat harmony and balance between elementary parts which the highest goal represents. When the elements are in themselves interaction standing, it affects our character: the element causes them interaction with your zodiac sign and yours individual circumstances and unique personality style. You share certain features with your fellow human beings of other zodiac signs of the same element, additional influence, e.g. yours ascendants or descendants but it makes you special.

Which elements of the zodiac go together?

Wherein constellations will it be problematic and what elements fits well together? In essence, the compatibility of the elements is about where they are on the wheel of astrology. members of the same element they usually work well together, even if they are in a relationship counterweight may be missing. By nature, they are more liked and attracted to each other. However, there are not only advantages to having good and bad things on both sides of a relationship. Example: find yourself two watermarks like Cancer and Pisces, there may be a risk that they will lose themselves too much in their emotions and let them disappear from work or other responsibilities.

Other elements that definitely go together well are the The signs of the earth and the signs of water Such as Fire signs and air signs. Between earth sign and fire sign the air is quite dense because while people with fire signs want to explode and like to blow the whole frame up, earth signs feel much more comfortable in their constant surroundings and everyday life. Combining earth sign and air sign the point is, they don’t bother each other because of different characters, but they don’t really help each other either. P.problematic it will be more in constellations Air signs and watermarks Such as Watermark and Firemark: Experience has shown that the properties of these elements are the most colliding ones.

Which element of the zodiac is the strongest?

There is no definite answer to this – however, some teachings say that water is the strongest element. Because our body is mostly water, and we are cannot live without water, this element is more important than fire, earth and air. Sometimes it does for similar reasons element of air considered especially strong. In general, however, all horoscopes highlight that elements work together and connected to each other are. Each of them it is therefore important for the whole balance in zodiac, in the universe and the individual and they have one equal meaning.

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