20 years of commitment to science communication / 2022 KlarText winners announced

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They explain the development of a new catalyst for the production of bioplastics, or how artificial intelligence could strengthen consumer protection on the Internet – this year’s winners of the KlarText Prize for Science Communication are particularly impressive with their successful, generally understandable dissertation articles. To this end, the Klaus Tschir Foundation is awarding the KlarText 2022 Prize to six PhD students. On the occasion of the 20th award ceremony, it also awards a special award for the best infographic.

The winners of the KlarText Awards for Science Communication 2022 are Dr. Steffen Breinlinger (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg) in biology, Dr. Ruth Rittinghaus (RWTH Aachen) and dr. Simon Binder (TU Dresden) in chemistry, dr. Tim Tröndle (ETH Zurich) in Earth Sciences, Dr. Daniel Braun (TU Munich) in IT and dr. Sophia Gruber (LMU Munich) in physics. The KlarText special award for the best infographic goes to Dr. Florian Friedrich (University of Heidelberg). The universities where they received a doctorate are given.

In 2022, 215 doctoral students submitted their own texts in German in the categories of biology, chemistry, earth sciences, computer science, mathematics, neurology and physics. The entries go through a three-stage jury process and are intensively evaluated by media representatives and researchers. In mathematics and neuroscience, no article has been recognized as worthy of an award this year. The six award-winning articles and an infographic will appear in KlarText Magazine from October 13, 2022, which can be ordered or downloaded in print or digital form from the KlarText Award website (http://www.klartext-preis.de).

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Klaus Tschir Foundation announced the KlarText Special Award for the best infographic in 2022. Infographics can convey complex information and relationships particularly clearly and are becoming increasingly important in conveying knowledge. The special award aims to motivate young scientists to visually present their opinion polls to the public.

The scope of topics covered in the awarded papers includes not only the catalyst mentioned at the beginning, but also the protection of consumers on the Internet. While the biology award winner has been researching a new type of toxin that is linked to the deadly disease of wild animals in the US, the one in Earth sciences has been working on ways to resolve emerging social conflicts over the energy transition. The physics award winner used magnetic tweezers to determine the force by which corona viruses attach to human cells in order to infect them. How medical sensors measure blood sugar more accurately with hydrogels was the subject of an award-winning chemistry-based doctorate – and the infographic shows how a physicist developed a new technique to minimize the side effects of cancer therapies with greater precision. tumor radiation. A short summary of the awarded articles and an infographic can be found here (https://klartext-preis.de/content/uploads/2022/07/Abstracts_alleThemen.pdf).

With the KlarText Award, the Klaus Tschir Foundation wishes to highlight the special value of science communication for research and society and to encourage young researchers in the life sciences and related disciplines, in particular, to bring their own work closer to the public. The Klaus Tschir Foundation invites all applicants to the competition for an intensive two-day practical workshop, during which lecturers from the National Institute of Scientific Communication (NaWik (https://www.nawik.de/)) show how complex facts can be translated into text and images. better illustrate.

All prize winners can expect a cash prize of € 7,500 each. The awards ceremony will take place on October 13, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. as a hybrid event. The live broadcast will be open to the public, information about online registration will appear on our website (http://www.klartext-preis.de/).

The winning articles and the winners’ infographics can be found on October 13, 2022, on the day of the awards ceremony, from 9am on our website (http://www.klartext-preis.de). Pictures and portraits of the winners are available there on the same day from 19:30 in the reports (https://www.klartext-preis.de/sendungen/).

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The Klaus Tschir Foundation (KTS) promotes the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science and wishes to contribute to the appreciation of these subjects. It was founded in 1995 by the physicist and co-founder of SAP Klaus Tschira (1940-2015) with private funds. Its three funding priorities are: education, research and science communication. The nationwide involvement starts in kindergarten and continues in schools, universities and research institutions. The Foundation engages in dialogue between science and society. More information at: www.klaus-tschira-stiftung.de

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