Exercise, fresh air and socializing: “Walking in the countryside” motivates seniors in Wolfersdorf

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FROM: Andrea Herman


Part of this is a piece of advice: when you walk around the village, you meet lots of people – much to the delight of walkers and cyclists. Senior Counselor Maria Holzmaier (orange shirt) is pleased with the socializing and maintaining it. © Herman

In Wolfersdorf, seniors meet regularly for “village walks”, which is profitable in many ways. FT walked on.

Wolfersdorf – “Wolfersdorf moves” is again the motto in the Ampertal community. While some get on their bikes and collect kilometers as part of the “Stadtradeln” campaign, others are trying their hand at “jogging” for the first time this year. And older citizens meet for a “walk in the countryside” – a good opportunity to exercise, get some fresh air and make or maintain social contacts.

This was also the case on that Monday night when the six lively seniors met for a walk with the municipal councilor and senior representative Maria Holzmaier near the Raiffeisen magazine. “You have to get out and move – it keeps you in shape,” says Anna Past. The cheerful senior is 89 years old and is the oldest in this group. Equipped with walking sticks, she walks enthusiastically through the village, meadows and fields. He generally travels a lot – “actually every day”, 45 minutes usually, sometimes longer, says Past.

Seniors are talking on a dirt road
Overgrown pavements are a problem, especially for the elderly, as Josef Kronthaler (L.) knows. © Herman

The round takes a bit longer that day because: “Sometimes there is also a conversation,” says Elfriede Goss, because the small group just pauses for a short time. And Maria Nußstern adds: “When you talk, you don’t even notice how far you’ve come,” she says and laughs. Overall, all the walkers are in very good spirits that day – and happy to finally be back with the people after a forced break in Corona.

The action motivates to more traffic

Maria Holzmaier came up with the idea of ​​”walking in the countryside”. It was she who proposed action to the city council last year. At that time, about 25 people followed the appeal. Also this year, many lively community residents are at the start – and encouraged by the campaign to move. “I used to walk around only occasionally,” says Willi Linsmeier. “But thanks to the campaign, I drive more often” – sometimes to Jägersdorf or Haselbach. ” And the senior representative also knows: “The campaign will accelerate.” The time of walking is noted. The motivation is the joy of exercise, health promotion and social contacts.

Basically, the principle of walking in the countryside is similar to that of city cycling: teams are made up of at least two people who enter their walking time on prepared tables.

Holzmaier: “Everyone is a winner”

At the end of the campaign, which runs until July 16, times will be added together – and winners will emerge. But it doesn’t really matter. “Everyone is a winner,” says Holzmaier, “which is why last year each participant got a glass of honey.

Older women walking their dog
There are many idyllic places in Wolfersdorf. Wanderers like to stop there. © Herman

For all participants, it is not how far you go, but whether you are moving at all that matters. And walking, says Sebastian Rieger, is “the easiest, cheapest and most flexible form there is.” Since Rieger had a dog, he was out and about two to three times a day – always 30 to 45 minutes. And as part of the campaign, he is even more motivated.

There are no cycle paths throughout Wolfersdorf

Josef Kronthaler has been walking or cycling a lot for 40 years. But as beautiful as his native community is, there is one big disaster: there are no cycle paths throughout the village. “Wolfersdorf is the only municipality that does not have a metro bike path,” he says. There are also no sidewalks in some places, he says. Around the corner is Jägersdorfer Straße / Wolframstraße. In addition, many walking paths, such as the one to Wölfing, are not maintained. – This is a problem for women with prams or the elderly – he emphasizes, with a view to uneven routes and overgrown paths. “The network of hiking trails was established 20 years ago,” he says. “But nothing has been done since then.” And so the pensioner hopes that the municipality will soon be active in terms of cycling, walking and walking paths, because there are already many beautiful places in the municipality of Ampertal.

The economy is on the wish list

And walkers agree that something else is missing in the community: an inn. Since Sepps Treff closed a good year and a half ago, there has been no business in the city. Since then, the Stockschützen sports house is a temporary solution for many events or meetings. Hopes are high that the restaurant will be built on the site of the former car showroom on Hauptstraße, which was acquired by the municipality of Wolfersdorf some time ago – but there are no specific plans yet.

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Until then, senior counselor Maria Holzmaier has been trying to stay in touch with seniors and to reach out to new people – in very different ways: if not as part of the “Wolfersdorf Moves” campaign, then perhaps in one of the “Happy Rounds”. “as the senior group in Wolfersdorf is called. It couldn’t have been better to choose a name. Because:” We are happy, “says Anna Past. And active: even after the three weeks of action, the 87-year-old will continue marching.

Planned awards ceremony and ice cream

In addition, the walkers are also sociable: everyone is excited about the ice cream truck arriving next Saturday, July 16, and cooling outside the church in Wolfersdorf from 15:30 to 17:00.

Oh yes: everyone also wants to be present at the awards ceremony for the walk around the village on Wednesday 10 August – at 2 p.m. at the fire station in Wolfersdorf.

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