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As a child, my enjoyment of ball sports was limited. It was less due to flat feet or lack of stamina. No i was wearing glasses then i had a model i would have done as a news presenter not on the pitch and i was afraid to get the ball (whether it was soccer, basketball or volleyball) in the face and doing it affecting the glasses or around the eyes.

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“Hematoma in glasses” – optician master Ruth-Silke Lenk-Dross from Optik Lenk has a technical deadline for this, but even better is the right medicine in their specialist shop. What is available to adults is also available to children. But not all opticians have as large a selection of eyewear models for the little ones as the traditional specialist company in Schwetzingen and Oftersheim. For example, the company SIOLS has cool and very functional sports glasses with which nothing can go wrong. In addition to frontal impact protection, which can be added with a snap-on system, there are matching headbands, super-stable plastic lenses, hardened and anti-reflective, shatterproof and even phototropic if necessary. The latter means that the lenses darken automatically when exposed to UV rays. Such eye protection is more than advisable, especially on the beach or while paddling during summer vacations.

Optic Lenk offers child-friendly eyewear models, also in bright colors. © pix4U – stock.adobe.

Optik Lenk offers a large selection of frames for children and adolescents that are designed for every situation in everyday life and also correspond to the design ideas of the youngest. Here, too, tastes vary, but the bright, child-friendly colors on the temples are often very popular. Here you can choose from other models from Julbo, Milo & Me and Ivko. They are very flexible, they can withstand something or reduce the risk of injury thanks to a special rubber coating.

Glasses with protection against blue light for working on the screen

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Sometimes glasses can be as elegant as moms and dads – here, for example, Ray Ban also offers a child-friendly Junior line for slightly older children. They are also available as sunglasses for children. “It is especially important that the glasses fit snugly around the nose, are fitted with high-quality and shatterproof sun lenses, and that side protection is recommended, especially above and above the water,” explains Ruth-Silke Lenk-Dross. During long screen work, children’s glasses can also be equipped with lenses with the Blue Protect function, which protects and soothes the eyes. Schoolchildren in particular have more to do with laptops or tablets these days, and after spending too much time in front of a screen, they’re still excited in the evening. Glasses with Blue Protect specifically reduce the blue light of these devices and ensure smooth work.

Functional optometry and visual training

Basically Optik Lenk recommends being examined by an ophthalmologist before starting school. If, however, despite good eyesight or proper glasses, there are difficulties learning to read, a thorough functional test should be carried out. “Visual deficiencies can cause enormous difficulties in learning to read in a very short time and increase the resulting stress,” explains Uschi Haindl, chief optician at Optik Lenk. It’s not just the sharpness of the individual eyes that decides – in order for the brain to process the images of the eyes correctly, four visual functions must work together well: smooth eye movement, binocularity, focus and perception. Uschi Haindl offers functional optometry and visual training for children and adults. Visual perception is analyzed and assessed through extensive measurement, functional and development testing. Then the concept of optometrist care is developed individually. In a nine- to twelve-month training phase, Uschi Haindl intensively accompanies the child or adult in eliminating old deficits and integrating new skills. More information about this offer can be found at or by calling 06202/2 80 10 in Schwetzingen or 06202/5 48 34 in Oftersheim. meb

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