Five exciting Christmas book tips for kids and teenagers

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FROM: Sven Trautwein


Hurray, finally vacation. What could be better than reading an exciting book in a hammock, in the garden, by the sea, on the balcony? Five tips for great books for kids and teens.

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Holidays are finally coming. Long awaited. No more lessons. Lazing around, swimming in the pool, and maybe playing a game or two. Reading is always a good way to immerse yourself in other worlds. Feel into adventurous characters. The following five book tips should be some initial suggestions. For adults, here’s a list of great summer books.

Micaela Chirif: “The Sea”

The Sea by Micaela Chirif © Baobab Books

Is the sea space, surface or line? Where does the tired squid sleep? And then does she dream of a whale? While we’re at it, does the whale weigh as much as water? Fish also do well in the sea. They always travel from one country to another, from sea to sea, without luggage and without a ticket. But there are not only fish in the sea, but also a fisherman who casts the net. The whale shares its world with a mermaid. And without the sky, clouds, and stars, there probably wouldn’t be a sea. Or is it the other way around?

For some, summer holidays are associated with a trip to the seaside. Crystal clear, blue, cooling. This promises cold water. But who lives in the sea? And from the sea? If we stay only on the surface, we will not discover the whole. This beautifully designed South American picture book takes parents and young explorers aged 5 and over into a fascination with the sea. The combination of image and text makes it a book that you will want to read again and again.

Micaela Chirif “The Sea”

South American picture book, 5 years old

2022, Baobab Books ISBN-13 978-3-907-27711-9

Price: 18.50 €, 40 pages – order now (promotional link)

Jan Paul Schutten: “Miracle Forest”

The cover of the children's book
Jan Paul Schutten “Wunderwelt Wald” © Gerstenberg Verlag

Let’s dive into the forest! There is always something to discover here. But a lot is also hidden from us – because it is very small, lies underground or does not want to be seen at all. The hidden pages in the book hide animals and secrets that can only be found if you look very closely. Then we walk through the forest in a completely different way – and experience our “green miracle”! With amazing facts, realistic illustrations and captivating hidden objects, Jan Paul Schutten and Mery Oberendorff take us into a fascinating world of miracles – very close and accessible to everyone. With black and white pages with hidden objects to search and surprise. With many colorful illustrations of animals and plants in the forest. With tips for protecting your forest.

In green. in the shade Now, in the hot weeks of the year, we all want to cool down. What could be more welcome than a forest? When we think about books on The Forest, the titles of Peter Wohlleben come to mind. Jan Paul Schutten’s book is refreshingly new in the truest sense of the word. Visually, the book has great hidden object pages. Makes you want to plunge into the world of the forest. The tone of the Dutch author is always funny, without waving your fingers. The texts are full of tension and encourage independent thinking.

Jan Paul Schutten “Wonderful Forest”

2022, Gerstenberg Verlag, ISBN-13 978-3-836-96138-7

From 8 years

Price: Hardcover, 22 €, 76 pages – order now (promotional link) K

Katja Brandis: “Seawalkers – in the eyes of a python”

The cover of volume 6
Katja Brandis: “Seawalkers – Targeting Python”, Volume 6 © Arena

New shapeshifter friendships and a big confrontation – are you ready for the Seawalkers Final? School trip to California! Tiago’s shark changer, the dolphin Shari and their friends at Blue Reef High are excited to meet the shapeshifters of the Pacific coast. Only Ella’s Python converter is not allowed to drive and is even about to completely leave the school! Is her mother, unscrupulous lawyer Lydia Lennox, planning a new attack? Arriving at Redcliff High, California, Seawalkers realize that not all of them were looking forward to the local visitors. Snow owl Avery and her team of windwalkers set the tone at school, making life miserable for those who don’t have wings in second form.

If you have teenage children, you can’t pass by Katja Brandis’s “Woodwalkers” and “Seawalkers” series. It is at the very top of the young people wish list, and when the title comes up, they always rank on the podium of bestseller for young people. This is also the case with the sixth volume, which is now available, and the season finale, “Seawalkers”. The chapters are intertwined in an interesting way. A must for fans of animal fantasies and thrilling adventures. “Seawalkers” can be read without knowing the “Woodwalkers” series. But I bet young people will also want to read other books.

Katja Brandis “Seawalkers – Targeting the Python”, Volume 6

2022, Arena ISBN-13 978-3-401-60530-2

Since 10 years

Price: Hardcover € 16, 428 pages – order now (promotional link)

Jens Baumeister: “Joscha and Marie and the question of how to save their parents without causing a big bang”

The cover of the children's thriller
Jens Baumeister: “Joscha and Marie and the question of how to save my parents without causing a big bang” © Planet

Joscha and Marie are the same age, but otherwise completely different. Joscha is passionate about sports, Marie’s programs and experiments. Josha has friends. Marie doesn’t. In return, she is a kind of female Sherlock Holmes. Good for Joscha because Marie is there on the day his parents are kidnapped. It is obvious, like chlorinated water, that joint investigations are actually responsible for explosives. Will they still be able to save Joscha’s parents without causing the big bang?

This title was nominated for the Glauser Prize 2022 in the “Child Crime” category. And this is not a coincidence. Jens Baumeister writes history and paints characters in a witty and penetrating way. It’s a page-turning for young readers that should also be fun for us adults: focused action and great main characters.

Jens Baumeister: “Joscha and Marie and the question of how to save their parents without causing a big bang”

2021, Verlag Planet (Thienemann) ISBN-13 978-3-522-50690-8

Since 10 years

Price: 11 €, 176 pages – order now (promotional link)

Lena Kiefer: “The Stars Will Fall – Ophelia Scale, Volume 3”

The cover of
Lena Kiefer “The Stars Will Fall” © cbt

Can their love resist hatred and conquer death? Ophelia is finally between the fronts now. Pro-government anti-tech supporters and the ReVerse resistance group are fighting each other at all costs. The latter is now led by the most powerful opponent of the royal family. When the mood of the population threatens to change, the king must put it all on one card. And Ophelia has to decide what she is willing to sacrifice if she wants to save the love of her life and her country.

The third volume of Lena Kiefer’s Fantasy of Young Adults, with over 500 pages, draws young readers directly into the action. Lena Kiefer skillfully constructs the history of the 18-year-old Ophelia Scale. Ophelia, interested in technology, joins the resistance movement. As an agent of the royal secret service, she wants to sneak into the royal castle and plans to attack the king because the royal house has forbidden the use of any technology. If you’ve read the first two volumes, you won’t be able to avoid the third.

Lena Kiefer “The Stars Will Fall – Ophelia Scale, Volume 3”

2022, cbt ISBN-13 978-3-570-31460-9

Price: hardcover € 18, paperback € 11.99, e-book € 8.99, 510 pages (different format) – Order now (promotional link)

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