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speyer Under the title “Love Letters”, the Städtische Galerie im Kulturhof Flachsgasse showcases works by artist Harald Häuser from five decades in the summer months. The art show will start on Friday, July 15 at 18:00. After the visitors were welcomed by Mayor Monika Kabs, gallery manager Franz Dudenhöffer introduced the artist and his works.

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The spectrum of works of art created over the five decades includes paintings, ceramics, bronzes and drawings. Books with illustrations, some of which have been released for sale, provide supplementary information.

To the person

Harold Hauser was in 1957 Marburg born. In 1975, at the age of 18, he had his first exhibition. He studied from 1978 to 1983 Houses painting on art academy Karlsruhe.

From 1983: National and international exhibitions. sponsorship by Engelhorn Foundation. 1987 to 2012: 25 years in the USA with the studio of W. savanna/Georgia.

2004 and 2016: Participation in biennial for calligraphy in SharjahUnited Arab Emirates.

Since 1990: projects from the Goethe-Institut in Atlanta, Tunis, Colombo and Paris.

works by Houses are in the collections of, among others Grassi Museum Leipzigin the collection Tytus Koch Albertina Art Museum Vienna and in the State Graphic Collection Munich. my

The exhibition includes works of art at a price from 90 euros for a small drawing to 30,000 euros for the acrylic painting “At sea of ​​memories” made this year. In terms of dimensions, it is second only to the painting “The Birth of the Language II” from 2006, which measures 2.40 meters by four meters and literally attracts the viewer’s eyes with an explosion of red color. Basically it should be noted that the prices are absolutely reasonable. The exhibition is further proof that gallery director Franz Dudenhöffer has a talent for artists whose work is also due to larger galleries in Germany and abroad.

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The main part of the presentation are acrylic paintings on canvas. These are predominantly colorful image spaces full of dynamics, some of which resemble the appearance of matter, space and time, i.e. the Big Bang. In abstract compositions dominated mainly by blue, there are also calm transitions. However, it is always important to look closely as the title “Love Letters” was not chosen by chance. In a colorful cosmos, it is important to discover letters and strings of characters as well as fragments of interpretable forms of figures.

According to the artist, images are created intuitively. Therefore, the painter follows his own colors, in which the chain of associations always leads to living painting spaces. The result is a painterly commitment to the eternal movement and diversity of nature with different levels of meaning. The mental connection with surrealism is obvious.

Earthenware vases

Slightly calmer, but no less mysterious, ceramic vases revealed to the visitor using the faience technique, the blue image of which resembles mysterious figures that the artist combines into words, the meaning of which remains mysterious. Another similarly designed vase has its origins in the State Majolica Ceramics Manufacture in Karlsruhe.

The exhibition is complemented by a few small-format, unique bronze works from the “Architecture for Evolution” series. A high-quality 92-page catalog will be published for the exhibition, which is available in the Kulturhof’s foyer for 39 euros.

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